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Action Plan 2020

What have we done right and what have we done wrong?

Let’s start with the good news. We are already more than 100 farmers producing and selling without intermediaries a great variety of products. CrowdFarming exists because more and more people in Europe are demanding to know who has produced their food. Not only in search of better quality but also because these people are aware of the positive social impact they generate by buying directly from the farmer.

We are also very proud of the great commitment shown by the farmers and our team during the most difficult moments of the Covid. These were hard days that required special sensitivity. We had logistical difficulties that we overcame by doing our best and with a positive attitude. 

The illustration of the founders of CrowdFarming: Juliette Simonin, Gonzalo Úrculo, Gabriel Úrculo and Moises Calviño, each holding a food.
Illustration: Juliette Simonin, Gonzalo Úrculo, Gabriel Úrculo y Moisés Calviño, cofounders of CrowdFarming

But we have also done (many) things wrong: failures and delays in shipments, bad prediction of the quantity of some crops, taking too long to answer the questions that come to us… from January 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020, 254 incidents have been reported on the website. The good news is that all of them are now solved! There will still be incidents (hopefully at a slower rate) but we will continue to resolve them! We are making improvements almost every day thanks to the feedback we receive. Sometimes all we need is a little time to implement these improvements. 

During the second half of the year we will focus on: implementing logistical improvements to enhance the shipping experience, improving the website and continuing to introduce farmers to expand the product offering.

Logistical improvements

Logistics is the big challenge for farmers. Although more than 99% of orders arrive well, when one arrives badly (apricots come to mind) it can make us lose a customer forever.

Choosing good packaging that ensures the product arrives well and at the same time is environmentally friendly is a very technical job. For this reason, we have decided to look for an expert in food packaging to help farmers find the best box for each product.

Improvements to the website

We have something cooking in the kitchen! We are about to launch a new design of the homepage and a product search tool for you to find what you are looking for. By the end of the year we want to launch a mobile application to make your experience at CrowdFarming feel like having a garden at home.

Your comments are important and we take them very much into account when it comes to making improvements to our website. Thank you for continuing to send us your feedback!

The interface of the CrowdFarming platform, in mobile and desktop versions.

More farmers and more products

Our Farmer Hunting team consists of agricultural engineers who analyse the farmers’ projects. More and more farmers are calling us to launch themselves into direct sales. Without taking away the human aspect that is key for us, we are going to develop a system that helps us to speed up the entry of new farmers.

How are we going to finance the growth of CrowdFarming?

We feel that we are at the beginning of this great agri-social revolution. We have not yet developed even 1% of what we want CrowdFarming to be. To continue to grow and help more farmers, we need to expand our team and develop our technology. We are considering launching a private financing round in which we offer farmers and customers to invest in CrowdFarming. In this way we ensure that we continue to grow and remain true to the values that have brought us this far: sustainability, innovation, humanity and bravery.

If you want to participate you can register your interest here.

Gonzalo is a “farmeneur” - As the co-founder of CrowdFarming and a farmer himself, he splits his time between the office and the fields. Besides agriculture he enjoys reading and writing about digital products, logistics and discussing its impact on the food supply chain.

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