Help us expand the direct sale of organic food
Who better than consumers and producers themselves to be the owners of CrowdFarming?
We're deciding whether to launch a crowdfunding campaign so you can have a piece of CrowdFarming too. Sign-up to register your interest and indicate the amount you would like to contribute with, from minimum of 10€, and to maximum 50,000€ per person.

Note: Telling us you're interested does not oblige you to participate in the funding round.
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We already have over 170 farmers in CrowdFarming selling and sending their produce directly to more than 420,000 households in Europe. Thanks to direct sales, European organic farming is resurging and becoming again a source of quality employment.
Juliette Simonin
History of CrowdFarming
A local success story turned into a global success story
The CrowdFarming idea was born in Valencia, in the orchard of two young orange farmers: Gabriel and Gonzalo Úrculo. In 2010, the Úrculo brothers decided to give a new life to their grandfather's abandoned orange fields. Half of the trees were dead, and in order to replant them they asked amongst their family members, friends, and their very first customers who wanted to adopt an orange tree. Each person that adopted a tree could name it, receive its picture, and receive its harvest at home.

After becoming a success story in their local town, Bétera, and encouraged by customers that would visit them from all over Europe, they decided to create to share their direct sales channel with more Farmers.

With this funding round we want to give the opportunity to all those who have helped us as customers to now become shareholders in CrowdFarming.
Objective: to simplify the food supply chainThe inefficiencies of this chain generate food-waste and an economic disproportion between what the consumer pays, and what the farmer receives. Direct sales solve these inefficiencies allowing farmers...
to sell without intermediaries
under their own brand
and receive direct feedback from consumers.
Why do we, as consumers, seek direct food purchase channels?
Traceability and transparency
Know by whom, how, and where the food you eat is grown.
Generate impact with our purchases
The purchase of food starts a chain of social and environmental impact.
Protect designations of origin
Decommodify food and support a specific way to produce it.
Buying food directly from the farmer is the most powerful every-day act available to anyone to generate a positive social and environmental impact.
Gonzalo Úrculo
CEO & Cofounder
jobs supported
(December 2021)
farms supported
farming projects
hectares in conversion to organic
active adoptions (December 2021)
estimated tonnes of food-waste avoided
unique customers in 2021
Expand the CrowdFarmer family (consumers)
Farmers trust us to make their products known amongst consumers. We use several platforms to make sure our Farmers' voices are heard!
Expand our Farming Hunting team
Hire more agricultural engineers to audit and help more farmers into direct sales.
Improve our technology
Grow our IT team to develop new products that enable the growth of a new food supply chain.
What is our plan for the coming years?
The funding we obtain will be used to expand our network of farmers, to make their projects known, and to improve our technology and operations.
Join the CrowdFarming founding team
By registering your interest you will be able to receive financial information and will be able to participate in videoconferences ahead of the round so you can share your questions with us.
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What will my role be as an investor?
Will I be obliged to share my ideas or send you comments?
What percentage of CrowdFarming will I obtain through my investment?
Will I be able to sell my shares at any moment?
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