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__Crowdfarming:__ is a new direct and transparent food supply chain created by young farmers.
__Crowdfarmer:__ this is what you become from the moment you adopt something from a Farmer.
__Farmer:__ this is the farmer, bee keeper, livestock breeder or fisher that cultivates or produces a product.
“Receive your food directly from its source. Learn who cultivates what you eat, where it comes from and how it is produced."
__Productive unit:__ what you adopt from the Farmer. This can be a tree, an animal or part of a garden bed where your vegetables grow.
__Food waste:__ how much waste can be avoided by enabling the Farmer to cultivate and produce on demand of the consumers.
__Traceability:__ what you achieve by getting to know the producer and the source of your food.
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Receive your harvest at home
These are the pillars on which we (farmers and beekeepers) have based CrowdFarming: a new democratic, honest and transparent food supply chain, which creates a direct link between consumers and producers.
The harvest of the different farmers is limited. If you want to be informed about new farmers, write here your contact details:
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