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Farmer manifesto in regards to COVID-19

We, the farmers who have started selling our products directly, thank you for supporting us. Now it’s our turn. Society comes together when we face an issue and now it is the best time to return this support. 

We, the farmers who have signed this manifesto, commit ourselves to: 

  • Fulfill the orders well and in time, while maintaining quality
  • Not raise prices despite the high demand for food

  • According to the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), there is currently no evidence that food is a source or route of transmission of COVID-19. Even so, we are committed to complying with all recommendations issued by health authorities.  

From each of our farms, we want to send you a message of encouragement. Finally, it is time for both the government and the rest of society to act in a coordinated and supportive manner.  

A manifesto signed by CrowdFarming farmers
A manifesto signed by CrowdFarming farmers

You may discover all the projets from CrowdFarming’s farmers here.

Gonzalo is a “farmeneur” - As the co-founder of CrowdFarming and a farmer himself, he splits his time between the office and the fields. Besides agriculture he enjoys reading and writing about digital products, logistics and discussing its impact on the food supply chain.

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