Philippine Dark Chocolate Bars

Philippine Dark Chocolate Bars

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Adopt a cocoa tree from the farm "Saloy" in Davao City (Philippines) and receive your harvest in the form of Philippine Dark Chocolate Bars at home. The Farmer Policarpio will take care of your adoption and take its picture. Also, you will be able to download the adoption certificate and, if you wish, plan your visit to the farm. As the production coming from one cocoa tree is big, the adoption is shared among various people. If you wish to have a bigger share, you may adopt more than once. You do not enter into any long-term commitment: once you receive your harvest and you enjoyed the experience, you may decide to renew and extend the adoption.

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What do you adopt?

Adopt a cocoa tree from the farm "Saloy" in Davao City (Philippines) and receive your harvest in the form of Philippine Dark Chocolate Bars at home. The cacao trees on the land of Farmer Policarpio are a native variety that has been cultivated in the region for years. This variety partially came from the native Criollo, which was brought to the country via the Manila-Acapulco Trade in the 1700s. In taking care of his land, Policarpio has been practicing organic farming methods in the recent year. He currently stands as the president of the Saloy Organic Farmers Organization (SOFO), an organization formed for his community’s initiative with Auro Chocolate to convert to organic farming. Farmer Policarpio will oversee the planting, nurturing and harvesting of your cacao using organic farming methods. The tree shall be named after one of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines. You will be sharing the cacao tree with another CrowdFarmer and will receive half the produce of your tree. A typical cacao pod contains 20 to 30 beans and there are approximately 40 pods per tree, making it a total of around 1000 beans per tree. Approximately 800 to 1000 dried beans are required to make 1kg of dark chocolate. Cacao pods grow on the tree trunk and branches. Once the pods are ripe, Farmer Policarpio and his team carefully harvest it following the methods in accordance to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). The harvested pods are then broken in a central area in the farm and the wet beans are carefully sorted and consolidated in wooden boxes. They use a horse to transfer the cacao beans to their small fermentation facility. The wet cacao beans are fermented in wooden boxes between 5 to 6 days. The fermentation process is the key to unlocking the flavour potential of the cacao. After fermentation, the beans are dried naturally on bamboo beds under the sun in order to bring the humidity level down from 60% to 7%. It is important to periodically mix the beans to ensure even drying. Once the beans are dried and sorted, the Auro team will delicately roast and grind them for Policarpio in order to bring out their unique fine flavour. The productive life of a cocoa tree is around 30 years. For as long as you want to keep it and we can continue taking care of it, you can renew your adoption year after year. If your cocoa tree dies, we will replace it with no additional cost and assuring the delivery of your harvest from other trees. Each cocoa tree is adopted by 2 CrowdFarmers who receive a box with 0.48kg of Philippine Dark Chocolate Bars.

What will you receive?

Each season we will send you a box with: 4 x __70% dark chocolate__, vegan (60g, bar) 4 x __85% dark chocolate__, vegan (60g, bar) The cacao beans harvested and processed by Policarpio will then be crafted by Auro into award-winning dark chocolates made essentially with only two ingredients: cacao and organic-certified muscovado sugar (unrefined with a high percentage of molasses). The percentage corresponds to the amount of cacao in the chocolate. You can experience the expression of various flavour notes by tasting the chocolates made in two different percentages. With the 70%, there are dynamic notes of herbs, bergamot and cherries. And with the 85%, there is a more distinct rum flavour with a lingering woody aftertaste. The shelf-life of the chocolates is 2 years. The chocolates are best stored in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight, humidity and other strong odors. In exchange for your support of Farmer Policarpo, you will receive 8 bars of our 85% and 70% Saloy-origin Dark Chocolate that have received multiple awards from both Academy of Chocolate (AoC) and Great Taste: Silver (2019 and 2020) and Bronze (2018) for AoC in the Tree-to-Bar Category and Two Stars from Great Taste Awards in 2018 and 2020.

When will you receive it?

The main cacao harvest season is between December to February. After the harvest, the fermentation, drying and sorting of cacao take between 4 to 6 weeks. The cacao beans are then aged in our warehouse for around 3 months in order to improve their flavor. After the beans are aged, they are then crafted into fine dark chocolates and shipped directly to you in October. Your commitment to this project can be renewed after every harvest season once you have received your box filled with Auro Chocolate. You can continue to support Policarpio by signing up for the next season.

Why should you adopt?
Know who, how and where your food is produced. Source your food in a conscious, direct and consistent manner.
Buying without intermediaries allows the producer to obtain better prices. This helps generate better jobs and social standards in rural areas.
When you adopt something, you allow the producer to ensure the sale at a fixed price and to produce on demand. This also avoids wasting food that is grown without being sold.
It supports producers who strive for environmentally friendly packaging and cultivation practices.
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