naranjas de Doña Ana
naranjas de Doña Ana
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1 box contains 10kg of oranges
Variety: Navelina, Navel, Navel Lane Late and Navel Powell
They are the most suitable for peeling and eating directly due to their good sweet/sour ratio and their pleasant texture on the palate
Since we pick them when they're ripe, they have a lot of juice
Our oranges are in conversion to organic since 2017 so you can make full use of them: pulp and peel
On a tree there can be oranges of various shapes and sizes, so you will receive aheterogeneous mix of oranges
In approximately one kilo you will have between 4 and 6 oranges
Keep them in a cool and dry place to enjoy them at least 10 - 15 days
At the beginning of the season, oranges have a certain degree of sourness which decreases over time
Limited harvest. Home delivery included.
Delivery country United Kingdom
Final price: 23.45€
Final price: 23.45€
(10 kg)
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