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Your Farmer’s Voice: Hort de Bitem y Xerta

Dear CrowdFarmers, 

We hope you are all well. This season has been atypical due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been working non-stop to deliver your harvest at home and reach our goal of fulfilling our orders, despite the difficulties and the uncertainty of what was happening around us.

In spite of everything, this has been the first year that we have worked in the project. We were very enthusiastic and had a good experience to be able to continue with the objective of sending the boxes of our oranges to your homes, since we believe that it is a great opportunity for both parties (you have a quality product and we can harvest the fields with enthusiasm) to continue delivering the harvest at home.

Navel oranges in the box
A box of oranges from Hort de Bitem y Xerta

This season that we have passed has been much more rainy than usual in our area, so in some moments we have had to collect the fruit taking advantage of the time without rain. In addition, the fruit that we had expected to be smaller, gained in size and quantity of juice. Apart from everything, the rain has been very good for us in the fields, as the trees have absorbed many minerals that were in the soil without dilution and thus prepare the new harvest with more strength. Also the reservoirs of the Ebro have been recovered because they were very exhausted from several years without such heavy rainfall.

Rain and storm in the orange fields
A rainfall on the farm

During the time of harvest, in the fields, there are always pending tasks. As we grow different varieties of citrus fruits when the harvest is finished, in spring, we apply organic fertilizers, we cut the herbs with trimmers, we check the irrigation, we do the pruning and carry out pest control. With all these tasks and some unexpected ones, depending on the season, we spend the entire time in our fields.

In some of the fields we are doing some projects to improve the irrigation system by means of solar energy.

As always, we have some advice about the storage of the fruit. These oranges are not treated with any post-harvest product so they must be checked when they arrive at your homes, because some scratches, which we have not been able to control, can damage the fruit and if you remove it in time it may stop contaminating the others with the spores. Always keep the box ventilated in a cool, dry place.

From Hort de Bítem and Xerta a big hug from all our team, who work with pleasure to meet the objectives of delivering more and more of our harvest to the homes of our CrowdFarmers.


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