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Your Farmer’s voice: Canard des Rizières

Dear CrowdFarmers,

First of all, we would like to thank you for your adoptions and your trust, our activity is at its lowest point and we are proud to embark again on this beautiful adventure this year.

This year has been marked by transmission, indeed, Bernard and his wife Catherine Poujol, who created Canard des Rizières in its entirety, have joined Mathieu Lacan and his partner Sabrina who are gradually taking over the production and marketing part with, of course, the same method, the same passion and the same convictions that motivate them.

They are in fact the ones who are behind the CrowdFarming project and this is particularly close to their hearts.

The tractor preparing the rice field

This month is busy with work, we are preparing the soil for the sowing of the rice this weekend.

At the same time, Bernard and Mathieu are harvesting alfalfa to feed our herds of Aberdeen Angus and Gascon cattle, also in Organic Agriculture. At our place, animals and plants are one!

This year was also marked by the loss of many ducks to predators, so Bernard dug an island on the farm to create a place of refuge.

Ducks in the rice fields with two farmers
©lahcène ABIB

We look forward to receiving the ducks within the next month. We will send you pictures once we put them in the rice fields. It’s a very emotional moment for us, it’s the beginning of a long agronomic process where our farming method makes sense!

Last December, we took great pleasure in preparing each of your boxes. We were touched by the number of adoptions but also by the diversity of countries. Crowdfarming made it possible to make our rice known beyond borders.

We don’t have the time to travel, but in your way, you allowed us to do so.

A hand through the wheat

Thank you again, take care of yourself and your loved ones and think that today is the day we build tomorrow!

Catherine, Sabrina, Bernard and Mathieu

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