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The happy ending of the fruit that never arrives

1 – We receive the order.
2 – We pick the oranges.
3 – We print out the delivery address label.
4 – We deliver the order to the transport company.
5 – The transport company delivers the order.

99.7% of orders follow this process. But what about the 0.3% that can’t be delivered? Why aren’t they delivered?

Our lives are a sequence of unforeseen events. The recipient may have gone on a last-minute holiday when we try to deliver. The address may be slightly incorrect. The label might have come off the box. The box might have broken en route. Even some Martians could have snatched the box from the van and taken it off to Mars for a feast.

Trying to predict everything that can happen is impossible, at least for us. We prefer to channel our efforts into providing a quick solution when something happens. Our motto is: “We can’t promise that everything will be perfect. But we can promise that if something goes wrong, we’ll find a solution”.

That said, what do we do with orders that can’t be delivered? If you look at the transport company’s label, there’s a return to sender address. But sending it back to the farmer doesn’t make much sense as the fruit would go off. That’s why we’ve decided that if an order doesn’t arrive, its content will be donated to a charity. We work with a logistics company that receives these orders and hands them out to a charity where underprivileged people can go and get something to eat.

This is why we get a bittersweet feeling if we fail to deliver an order to the buyer.

Illustration of a cardboard box with oil, cheese, lemon, honey and mangoes

Gonzalo is a “farmeneur” - As the co-founder of CrowdFarming and a farmer himself, he splits his time between the office and the fields. Besides agriculture he enjoys reading and writing about digital products, logistics and discussing its impact on the food supply chain.

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