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Full moon to Sow

We welcome you with open arms. This blog, which is born with the full moon of November 12, 2019, aims to spread knowledge and reflection about the agrarian world. With this blog, in addition to spreading knowledge and reflections of the agrarian world, we want readers to be able to form an opinion about the food they consume based on truthful and verifiable information. It won’t be a sensationalist blog. We want to create a space where we can openly address topics (without filters) such as food transport contamination, agricultural wages or how organic farming labels are regulated, always monitoring the sources of the data provided. 

Happy Harvest!

Four people from the CrowdFarming team: Gabriel Úrculo, Juliette Simonin, Magdalena Werner and Stephanie Stein

Gonzalo is a “farmeneur” - As the co-founder of CrowdFarming and a farmer himself, he splits his time between the office and the fields. Besides agriculture he enjoys reading and writing about digital products, logistics and discussing its impact on the food supply chain.

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