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Flying cheesemakers

You have surely heard of flying traders… In the days of our grandparents, these were in many places the typical traders who carried their goods on foot, such as fabrics, tobacco, spices or ironmongery, and offered them to the people on the street or at their doors. In north-western Germany we still know the Kniepenkerle, who brought all kinds of useful things from their long marches to Holland and distributed them among the people. With time, the typical “Kramer” and most of his colleagues disappeared, but ice cream trucks, butter trucks and sales representatives from today are still sometimes called “flying salesmen”.

But how does the title of the “flying cheesemakers” come about? 

Can cheesemakers really fly? 

In the meantime, there are indeed a considerable number of mobile cheesemakers in Germany who travel from farm to farm with their equipment and offer their services to dairy farmers. The “flying cheesemaker” brings almost everything with him that is needed to make good cheese: the kettles, the rennet, moulds and sieves, the cheese harp, salt, any herbs and spices that may be needed, and of course the necessary know-how. 

The farmer provides – the fresh milk! 

Directly on the farm the milk is then freshly milked and turned into cheese. The cheesemaker takes the fresh, soft cheese loafs to his ripening rooms and brings the finished cheese back with him on his next visit to the farm. Voila – this is how the circle closes. 

Illustration of a farmer with a cheese wagon and a cow

The thought behind this business idea is to open up the possibility of producing your own farm cheese to more dairy farmers. Setting up and running your own cheese dairy on the farm requires a high initial investment as well as a lot of knowledge and/or experience. It is therefore a very big step. In addition, the farmer must officially take part in further training courses in the cheese-making trade and must comply with many and various requirements, hygiene regulations, etc. All these basic conditions are intended to guarantee the quality of the resulting food and of course ultimately serve to protect the consumer. Nevertheless, for many dairy farmers who are keen to experiment, they represent an obstacle to cheese production and thus often to direct marketing. In my daily exchanges with farmers, I come across this topic more and more often, especially today, when diversification and direct marketing are once again coming into focus. 

We think that mobile cheese dairies offer a great solution here, and we say “Bravo”!   

Linda and her partner Tilmann von Bauer Freigeist have also learned their cheese-making craft as “trainees” in a mobile cheese dairy. The experience they gained there enabled them to take the big step in summer 2019 and make their dream of their own cheese dairy in Gardelegen come true. Meanwhile they create there with a lot of love and skill their organic cow cheese in many colourful varieties and send it plastic-free to you CrowdFarmers. 

Have you already discovered their organic cow cheese project, or the stronger, new organic Tilsiter or Rauchi cheese? 

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