Naturland organic potatoes
Finca Ariza

Naturland organic potatoes

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Adopt 3.2 m² of a potato field from "Finca Ariza" in Caleta de Vélez (Spanien) and receive your Naturland organic potatoes at home. Jesús will take care of your adoption and take its picture. You will also be able to download the adoption certificate, and if you wish, plan your visit to the farm. You do not enter into any long-term commitment: once you have received your Naturland organic potatoes and enjoyed the experience, you may decide to renew and extend the adoption.

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Vad adopterar du?

You adopt 3.2 m² of a potato field from our farm in Caleta de Vélez (Spanien). The cultivation here is certified as organic by the European Union as of 2011. We grow potatoes of the Annabelle variety. Originally from the Netherlands, these are new potatoes that adapt very well to the winter planting season in southern Spain, as the temperatures are usually mild, with averages that don't drop below 10ºC at night and very infrequent frosts. We implement organic farming practices on our farm, which is located in the village of Algarrobo, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. What's more, our plots are certified by Naturland - a farmers' association created in Germany in the 1980s in order to develop and promote organic farming - and so we help to protect natural resources, biodiversity, and the climate. Potatoes have a long history. They were first grown eight thousand years ago around the Titicaca plateau, in Peru. However, they didn't reach Europe until the sixteenth century, with their popularity spreading across the world in the eighteenth century. Today, potatoes are a staple in kitchens around the world. We've been growing them for several generations and we consider ourselves specialists. Every year we plant several plots, which we rotate with other crops, thereby helping generate richness and diversity in the environment. Our potatoes are grown following the traditions of our ancestors, but since 2011 have been adapted to the new times to guarantee an organic and environmentally friendly production. We grow them under plastic covers, as the plant needs extra level of protection during the winter for its germination. Each potato field of 3,2 m² bears an average of 10kg of Naturland organic potatoes per season.

Vad får du?

Each season we will send you a box with: __10kg box organic Naturland potatoes__ * Annabelle: elongated oval shape, small to medium size, yellowish skin and beige flesh with firm pulp * The perfect salad potato thanks to its excellent flavour and texture, you can cook it unpeeled as it has a fine skin; the firmness of its flesh also makes it ideal to accompany other foods such as meat, fish, and vegetables * Organic farming certified by the European Organic Farming label since 2011 * Our farm is not a screw factory: each potatoe is unique in appearance and size * One kilo contains between 5 and 8 pieces * If you keep them in a fresh and airy place, they can last up to 6 months in good condition __How to store your potatoes__ Store them in a cool, airy, and dark place. This is why it's important to take them out of the box and keep them in cloth sacks or wooden crates with holes. It's best to store them under 10ºC, so keep them in a pantry, a storage room, or a garage, where the temperature is usually cooler. It's also very important not to mix them with other fruits or vegetables, as they can go off quickly. If any potatoes begin to sprout, you can simply remove the sprout and keep in the same place. All our production is fresh and we don't store the potatoes. This means that if you fry them, they'll retain the original white-yellowish flesh colour, while a stored potato would be totally yellow or even yellow-brown. And if you boil them, they'll retain their texture and consistency without falling apart or taking on a floury texture. What's more, fresh seasonal potatoes keep their nutritional qualities intact, such as starch content, which in stored potatoes would become sugar.

När får du det?

Our potatoes are harvested from mid-April to the end of May. Depending on your needs, there are several dates in these two months when you can order your potatoes.

Varför ska du adoptera?
Vet av vem, hur och var din mat produceras. Köp din mat på ett medvetet, direkt och konsekvent sätt.
Att köpa utan mellanhänder tillåter producenten att få bättre priser, som i sin tur bidrar till att skapa bättre jobb och sociala standarder på landsbygden.
När du adopterar något låter du producenten säkerställa försäljningen till ett fast pris och producera på begäran. På så vis undviker man också att slösa mat som odlas utan att säljas.
Det stödjer producenter som strävar efter miljövänliga förpackningar och odlingsmetoder.
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