organic blueberries
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organic blueberries

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Adopt two blueberry bushes from the farm "El Rompido" in Cartaya (Spanien) and receive your harvest in the form of organic blueberries at home. Inma will take care of your adoption and take its picture. Also, you will be able to download the adoption certificate and, if you wish, plan your visit to the farm. You do not enter into any long-term commitment: once you receive your harvest and you enjoyed the experience, you may decide to renew and extend the adoption.

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Vad adopterar du?

Adopt two blueberry bushes that we cultivate under the Organic Farming regulations of the European Union since 2006. During the process of adoption you can choose a name which we will use to identify your bushes. The blueberry is a type of bush native to the Northern Hemisphere, linked to mild oceanic or continental climates. You can find them growing wild in mountain forests and they're easily identified by the colour of their berries, although we don't recommend trying them as they can be confused with other inedible plants. We plant three different varieties, Ventura, Emerald and Star, as they require fewer hours of cold temperatures per year than other varieties and ripen earlier in the season. Interestingly, they were used by Native Americans as a source of vitamins to make 'pemmican', a concentrated mixture of dried meat, dried berries and fats. Blueberry bushes need a certain amount of time in cold temperatures and sandy soils. They also need mild average temperatures, just like the ones here on the Huelva coast, which is nicknamed the California of Europe thanks to its similar climate and agricultural conditions. This gives us an early harvest and, according to recent studies, some unique properties compared to other production areas, such as the levels of antioxidants and phenols in the fruit. Our farm is certified by the GLOBALGAP good agricultural practices protocol, which guarantees food safety and the use of environmentally friendly agricultural practices, such as grass management, plant fertilisation and sustainable use of water. The productive life of a blueberry bush is around 15 years. For as long as you want to keep it and we can continue taking care of it, you can renew your adoption year after year. If your blueberry bush dies, we will replace it with no additional cost and assuring the delivery of your harvest from others. Two blueberry bushes from our farm produce an average of 8kg each season. You do not have to commit to the consumption of the whole harvest. Each season you may decide what quantity to reserve and pay the maintenance in accordance with the amount you reserve. This way you will only pay for what you consume and we can plan and sell the remaining harvest amount to others.

Vad får du?

During harvest season you can progressively receive the quantity of harvest that you reserve at the moment of adoption. You will receive a minimum of 2 boxes, which can be increased up to 4 boxes according to your needs. Shipping format: __2 kg box of organic blueberries__ * Ventura, Emerald and Star varieties: all with an intense blue colour, excellent flavour and texture * Organic farming certified by European organic label since 2006 * Picked one day before delivery at the optimal time of ripening and dispatched in a plastic-free cardboard box * Our bushes are not a screw factory: each fruit is unique in appearance and size * Blueberries are a delicate fruit sensitive to room temperature, so always keep them in the fridge (between 5 and 6°C) to prevent them from going off and becoming mushy * Eat them within 3 days of receiving them, or pop them in the freezer, and use them for breakfasts As they're organic, they don't need washing before you eat them. However, you could give them a quick rinse just in case there's any sand or soil on them, as they're grown in sandy soils. You might have noticed that blueberries have a whitish or greyish film-like coating. This is known as the bloom and the fruit develops it naturally to protect itself from solar radiation, humidity, insects and fungi. Don't remove it as it will help them last longer while in your fridge. We suggest eating our blueberries fresh in order to enjoy all their flavour. But they're also perfect for sauces, in salads, as refreshing smoothies, in pastries and, of course, as the classic complement to yoghurt cereal bowls.

När får du det?

The blueberry harvest in southern Europe starts in the month of March and continues until June. We'll send out the fruits weekly at the best point of ripeness.

Varför ska du adoptera?
Vet av vem, hur och var din mat produceras. Köp din mat på ett medvetet, direkt och konsekvent sätt.
Att köpa utan mellanhänder tillåter producenten att få bättre priser, som i sin tur bidrar till att skapa bättre jobb och sociala standarder på landsbygden.
När du adopterar något låter du producenten säkerställa försäljningen till ett fast pris och producera på begäran. På så vis undviker man också att slösa mat som odlas utan att säljas.
Det stödjer producenter som strävar efter miljövänliga förpackningar och odlingsmetoder.
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