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Adopt a persimmon tree from the farm "Verger de Alicia" in Valencia (Spanien) and receive your harvest in the form of persimmon at home. Gonzalo will take care of your adoption and take its picture. Also, you will be able to download the adoption certificate and, if you wish, plan your visit to the farm. You do not enter into any long-term commitment: Although your adoption will be renewed automatically, you will always be informed in advance and may decide to cancel your adoption at any time as long as the preparation has not yet begun.

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Vad adopterar du?

You adopt a persimmon tree from our farm in Valencia (Spanien) that we cultivate following the Organic Farming regulations of the European Union. We are in the process of converting and hope to get certified in 2024. During the process of adoption you can choose a name which we will use to identify your persimmon tree. The persimmon (*Diospyros kaki*) belongs to the Ebenaceae family and originates from China, where it has been cultivated for more than two thousand years. The tree grows in temperate climates, which helped it expand from Asia to the US in the nineteenth century and to France, Italy and Spain in approximately 1870. Our trees were planted in 2015, and although in their adult stage they can reach a height of twelve metres, we prune them annually to restrict their growth. Curiously, persimmon trees may have hermaphrodite flowers as well as only male, or only female ones. The fruits are formed on female and hermaphrodite flowers. They are pollinated with the help of pollinating insects and pollen from the male flowers. That's why most of the farm has trees with female flowers. Like everything we grow at our farm, these persimmons have ripened in the sun and not received any pesticide treatments. This fruit, when not overripe, contains a high concentration of tannins (plant-based polyphenolic compounds), which make them very astringent (unpleasant, harsh, dry and bitter taste). However, this disappears as the fruit contiunues to ripen and loses its firmness, or even when it falls from the trees. This is a defence mechanism that the trees use to protect themselves from pests who want to feed on their fruits without their seeds being fully developed, at which point they release a compound (acetaldehyde) that eliminates the astringency. As good farmers, we're going to guarantee the continuity of these trees without them having to reproduce with their seeds, so we collect the fruit with the perfect sweetness and texture, even if its seed is somewhat unripe. Don't worry, though, as by exposing persimmons to high concentrations of CO², acetaldehyde accumulates in the fruit and its tannins become undetectable by our palates, so we'll send you persimmons with an excellent texture and flavour. Your adoption is 8 years old and its productive life is around 30 years. For as long as you want to keep it and we can continue taking care of it, you can renew your adoption year after year. If your adoption dies, we will replace it with no additional cost assuring the delivery of your harvest from others. Your adoption produces an average of 10kg of persimmon each season.

Vad får du?

During the season, you will be able to receive the harvest that you are reserving now: a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 2 boxes. Once you paid for the adoption, you will be able to plan your shipments from your user account. Shipping format: __5kg box of persimmons__ * Bright Red: they have an ovoid-shape and the colour of the skin and pulp is reddish-orange, the taste is sweet * We send them to you hard and firm so that you can eat them like an apple, as the days go by the persimmons will become softer and sweeter * Farming in transition to organic farming since 2021 * Harvest on request, shipped without wax or preservative treatments in a cardboard box without plastics * Our trees are not a screw factory: each fruit is unique in appearance and size * One kilo contains between 3 and 5 fruits * If you keep them in a fresh and airy place, they can last 10 days in good condition (if you want them to last longer, you can keep them in the fridge) * It is a climacteric fruit, harvested when it reaches physiological ripeness but continues to evolve after harvesting until it is ready for consumption * Important: The fruits usually arrive hard, keep them at room temperature until they reach they are ready to eat; if you receive an alread ripe piece, you can put it in the fridge or eat it straight away

När får du det?

The exact dates may vary depending on the weather in each season. We harvest them beginning of November beforehand to remove the astringency, so you can enjoy them as soon as they arrive.

Varför ska du adoptera?
Vet av vem, hur och var din mat produceras. Köp din mat på ett medvetet, direkt och konsekvent sätt.
Att köpa utan mellanhänder tillåter producenten att få bättre priser, som i sin tur bidrar till att skapa bättre jobb och sociala standarder på landsbygden.
När du adopterar något låter du producenten säkerställa försäljningen till ett fast pris och producera på begäran. På så vis undviker man också att slösa mat som odlas utan att säljas.
Det stödjer producenter som strävar efter miljövänliga förpackningar och odlingsmetoder.
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