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Camembert 5 frères

cow cheese

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Adopt a cow from our flock "Camembert 5 frères" in Bermonville (Frankrike) and receive your harvest in the form of cow cheese at home. The Farmer Charles will take care of your adoption and take its picture. Also, you will be able to download the adoption certificate and, if you wish, plan your visit to the farm. As the production coming from one cow is big, the adoption is shared between various people. If you wish to have a bigger share, you may adopt more than once. You do not enter into any long-term commitment: once you receive your harvest and you enjoyed the experience, you may decide to renew and extend the adoption.

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Vad adopterar du?

Adopt a cow from our farm in Bermonville (Frankrike). The CrowdFarmers will adopt cows of the Normande, Prim'Holstein and Pie Rouge breeds producing quality milk to be processed into camembert. The Normande is, as its name suggests, the traditional breed of Normandy, with which raw milk camembert is historically made. Norman cows, recognizable among all the others by their “brown glasses” around the eyes, produce a milk that is rich in fat. The Pie Rouge also has a brown and white coat. As for it, the Prim'Holstein is a large cow easily recognizable by the color of black magpie coat. Camembert 5 Frères is made with milk coming exclusively from the farm. Each cow produces around 7,000 litres per year, representing around 3,500 camemberts. The cows are raised and fed only from the farm's vegetal productions (alfalfa, hay, pasture, green feeding when possible). They are raised with great care and attention. After spending 5-6 years on the farm, cows are valued for their meat. The female calves are all kept on the farm for the renewal of the herd while the male calves are sold around a month of age. The core farm where the breeding and processing take place has an area of 2 hectares. As for the vegetal feed productions, they spread on an area of 250 hectares. The productive life of a cow is around 6 years. For as long as you want to keep it and we can continue taking care of it, you can renew your adoption year after year. If your cow dies, we will replace it with no additional cost and assuring the delivery of your production from other animals. Each cow is adopted by 250 CrowdFarmers who receive a box with 1 kg of cow cheese.

Vad får du?

Each season we will send you a box with: 4 x __camembert__ (250g / pack) CrowdFarmers will receive a box of 4 camemberts. The cheese can be consumed from around thirty days after production, it is then said to be semi-refined and is white in colour. The more the cheese evolves, at low temperature (6-8 ° C), the more the hay and fresh grass aromas develop; small brownish spots appear on the cheese periphery. Camembert consumption can go up to 60 days after the production date for a unique tasting experience! To summarize, there are 3 technical refining stages: 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 refined. These stages correspond to the proportion of creaminess when the camembert is cut. Ultimately, the more the camembert matures, the greater the proportion of creaminess. Production is traditional: the camembert is made from raw milk, ladle-moulded by hand. The CrowdFarmers are thus assured of tasting a 100% Norman product whose traceability is perfectly guaranteed. Camemberts can be stored at 8-10°C for 2 to 3 weeks.

När får du det?

You may select the delivery date of your box as suggested by the Farmer at check-out. The CrowdFarmers will be able to receive camemberts all year round, there is a daily and regular production of milk throughout the year, hence a daily production of the cheese.

Varför ska du adoptera?
Vet av vem, hur och var din mat produceras. Köp din mat på ett medvetet, direkt och konsekvent sätt.
Att köpa utan mellanhänder tillåter producenten att få bättre priser, som i sin tur bidrar till att skapa bättre jobb och sociala standarder på landsbygden.
När du adopterar något låter du producenten säkerställa försäljningen till ett fast pris och producera på begäran. På så vis undviker man också att slösa mat som odlas utan att säljas.
Det stödjer producenter som strävar efter miljövänliga förpackningar och odlingsmetoder.
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