Bioland organic early potatoes Finka
Bio Hof Marco Jostmeier

Bioland organic early potatoes Finka

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Adopt 5.1m² of a potato field from "Bio Hof Marco Jostmeier" in Delbrück (Tyskland) and receive your Bioland organic early potatoes Finka at home. Marco will take care of your adoption and take its picture. You will also be able to download the adoption certificate, and if you wish, plan your visit to the farm. You do not enter into any long-term commitment: once you have received your Bioland organic early potatoes Finka and enjoyed the experience, you may decide to renew and extend the adoption.

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Vad adopterar du?

You adopt 5.1m² of a potato field from our farm in Delbrück (Tyskland). The cultivation here is certified as organic by the European Union as of 2019. We completed the certification process for the Bioland label in autumn 2020. __Finka potato – history and info__ The Finka variety is a very young variety and is therefore not yet widespread around the world. This German potato variety from Böhm was approved in 2001. Its pulp is yellow, though it can also sometimes develop a deep yellow. The tubers are large and oval. With their yellow skin, they resemble many other potatoes – but appearances are deceiving! For the Finka is anything but mainstream in taste. It has impressed us. Since the Finka is an early potato and only spends a very short time in the ground, it needs a lot of care from us, especially at the beginning. Despite its versatility in the kitchen, you will rarely find the Finka for sale. This is due to the increased effort involved with early potatoes and the expensive and rare seeds. On your potato field, we can harvest 7.5kg of Finka potatoes on average, which corresponds to approximately 65–85 potatoes of roughly 110g each. Since August 2018, we have been cultivating all our plots according to the strict guidelines of the Bioland Association – with conviction and passion. Our potatoes have therefore never seen pesticides or mineral fertilisers in their lives. They grow in individual potato ridges and feed on our fertile farmland. To ensure that the potato grows particularly well right from the get-go, we have planted clover grass on the land in advance. The clover grass has three effects: it collects nutrients (mainly nitrogen), which are then released into the soil, it controls weeds, and serves as basic feed for our cattle. This year, we are growing a total of 1.3 hectares of the "Finka" potato variety. That is 2549.1 times 5.10m² and an estimated total yield of 29 tonnes of potatoes, of which we are able to offer around 80% as potatoes for consumption. The 20% that we cannot use for consumption, for example, because they have bruises or because they have been affected by the wireworm, are fed to our cattle. They love potatoes at least as much as you and we do!

Vad får du?

Each season we will send you a box with: 7.5kg __Bioland organic early potatoes__ (loose, in 3 paper bags) Our "Finka" potato variety is a very early variety and the ideal all-purpose potato. The Finka really stands out with the bright yellow colour of its flesh and its delicate, mild taste. Because it is a predominantly waxy potato variety, the Finka is ideal for jacket and boiled potatoes, potato soups, gratins or your next serving of chips. The Finka is a true all-rounder! It's the early riser among potatoes and, therefore, just right for those first fresh potatoes of the year! You can use them in numerous different ways. Just let your imagination run wild while cooking! What's more, it also stores particularly well – even for up to half a year when kept in a cool, dry and dark place. The Finka is also ideally suited for those really big potato fans who are looking for a variety to store in the cellar. __What is the best way to store early potatoes like the Finka?__ Potatoes should be stored in a cool, dark, slightly ventilated place between 4°C and 10°C. Please do not store any apples, pears or plums near the potatoes, because they do not like that. Otherwise, they will start to sprout. If a potato looks a little different from the others or starts to sprout easily, you can still eat the potato. Please just remove the affected area, spots or small germlings beforehand. If the potato starts to turn green or sprout a lot, it wants to be planted and should not be consumed anymore.

När får du det?

If the weather is right, our potatoes are planted in March and, as early potatoes, are already harvested in July and August. After the harvest we will roughly clean, bag and send them to you!

Varför ska du adoptera?
Vet av vem, hur och var din mat produceras. Köp din mat på ett medvetet, direkt och konsekvent sätt.
Att köpa utan mellanhänder tillåter producenten att få bättre priser, som i sin tur bidrar till att skapa bättre jobb och sociala standarder på landsbygden.
När du adopterar något låter du producenten säkerställa försäljningen till ett fast pris och producera på begäran. På så vis undviker man också att slösa mat som odlas utan att säljas.
Det stödjer producenter som strävar efter miljövänliga förpackningar och odlingsmetoder.
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