organic walnuts PDO Grenoble
Merveilleuses Noix

organic walnuts PDO Grenoble

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Adopt a walnut tree from the farm "Merveilleuses Noix" in Notre Dame de l’Osier (Frankrijk) and receive your organic walnuts PDO Grenoble at home. Sylvain will take care of your adoption and take its picture. You will also be able to download the adoption certificate, and if you wish, plan your visit to the farm. As the production coming from one walnootboom is big, the adoption is shared among various people. If you wish to have a bigger share, you may adopt more than once. You do not enter into any long-term commitment: Although your adoption will be renewed automatically, you will always be informed in advance and may decide to cancel your adoption at any time as long as the preparation has not yet begun.

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Wat adopteer je?

You adopt a walnut tree from our farm in Notre Dame de l’Osier (Frankrijk). The cultivation here is certified as organic by the European Union as of 2022. The walnut tree has a rounded crown and is native to south-eastern Europe and western Asia. It can grow up to 25 m high and live for over a hundred years, despite its particularly slow growth. The Franquette walnut is a very productive walnut tree producing elongated nuts of a decent size and with very good flavour, they are sweet and delicately sugary, with pronounced hazelnut-like aroma. The walnut tree is one of the fruit species with a rather slow fruiting process. However, for a walnut tree, the Franquette variety is considered to be a relatively fast fruiting variety. This old variety originates from the right bank of the lower Isère valley in the Vinay region, exactly where our farm is located. We are therefore proud representatives of this variety. Your adoption is 28 years old and its productive life is 100 years. For as long as you want to keep your adoption, and we can continue taking care of it, you can renew year after year. If your adoption stops being able to produce for any reason, we will replace it with an other, and we guarantee your delivery from the produce of others for that season. Your walnootboom produces an average of 20kg of organic walnuts PDO Grenoble each season. 4 CrowdFarmers will share the adoption, and each one will receive a box containing 5kg of organic walnuts PDO Grenoble.

Wat krijg je?

Each season we will send you a box with: __5kg of organic walnuts PDO Grenoble__ with shell The walnuts are of the Franquette variety from the organic Noix de Grenoble PDO zone. This variety produces nuts that are larger than 28mm, and that are soft and delicately sweet with a pronounced hazelnut-like aroma. The nuts will be packed in bulk in a cardboard box that you will receive directly at home, accompanied by some straw to reduce friction during transport. We recommend eating our walnuts either as they are as a snack, or in salads, pastries, quiches, or cakes. The walnuts can be stored for up to a year in a cool spot in your home. Once cracked, it is advisable to store the kernels in the refrigerator or even in the freezer to preserve them properly. This way the kernels can last for up to one year.

Wanneer ontvang je het?

Harvesting takes place from the end of September to the beginning of October, depending on the ripeness of the fruit. The official start date of the harvest is fixed each year by a committee of the AOC Noix de Grenoble (Grenoble walnut), and we adapt it according to our plots and our trees. The harvest lasts for around 3 weeks, and we pass through each orchard at least three times to make sure that we don’t miss any harvest. It takes me about 1 month to prepare the orders (alone). I start as soon as the organic nuts are ready after drying and several sortings.

Waarom zou je adopteren?
Weet wie je voedsel produceert, hoe en waar. Koop je voedsel op een bewuste, directe en consistente manier.
Door in te kopen zonder tussenpersonen kan de producent betere prijzen krijgen. Dit helpt om betere banen en sociale normen te creëren op het platteland.
Als je iets adopteert, zorg je ervoor dat de producent kan verkopen tegen een vaste prijs en produceren op aanvraag. Dit voorkomt voedselverspilling van producten die worden verbouwd maar niet verkocht.
Het ondersteunt producenten die streven naar milieuvriendelijke verpakkingen en teeltpraktijken.
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