calendula-based cosmetics

calendula-based cosmetics

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Adopt a calendula field from "Gabrasrosa" in Pierrefaites (Frankrijk) and receive your harvest in the form of calendula-based cosmetics at home. Sarah will take care of your adoption and take its picture. Also, you will be able to download the adoption certificate and, if you wish, plan your visit to the farm. You do not enter into any long-term commitment: once you receive your harvest and you enjoyed the experience, you may decide to renew and extend the adoption.

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Wat adopteer je?

Adopt a calendula field that we cultivate under the Organic Farming regulations of the European Union since 2016. You adopt 1m² of our calendula fields, located in the medicinal plant garden of our farm. Its Latin name, *Calendula officinalis*, comes from the Latin *Calendae* which designates calends, that is to say the first days of each month (an allusion to its long flowering, from the first beautiful days until winter) and *Officinalis* tells us that it has medicinal properties. The calendula is an annual plant that we reseed every year on a different bed. We produce our seeds ourselves, collecting them from the plants, which produced the most beautiful flowers. Originally, we had chosen a variety of calendula selected for their concentration of active ingredients. Our calendulas have been adapting to our garden for many years now, and they grow very well without treatments and fertilizers. The calendula, however, is a very popular plant among slugs, so we seed our rows densely enough to make up for what they eat. The calendula flower is rich in natural antioxidants like carotenoids and flavonoids. It also contains small amounts of essential oils containing carotenes, calendulin and lycopene, as well as a resin, a saponin and bitter substances. We pick the flowers by hand, from early June to late September, every other day, to give them time to fully bloom, and also to give the insects the chance to enjoy them between pickings. The production of 1m² of a calendula bed allows us to obtain approximately 300g fresh flowers, which we transform into cosmetics, in our farm lab.

Wat krijg je?

Each season we will send you a box with: 1 x __hydrosol of calendula flowers__ (100ml, aluminium bottle) 1 x __calendula soap__ (100g) 1 x __calendula lip balm__ (8g, grass paper tube) 1 x __calendula balm__ (45g, compostable paper jar with grass paper label) 1 x __calendula massage oil __(50ml aluminium bottle) __Hydrosol of calendula flowers__ We distill the calendula flowers harvested the same day, at a ratio of 1 liter of hydrosol for 1kg of flowers. For this, we use a copper column still, which preserves the active ingredients of the plants without risk of destruction by direct contact of the material with water (hydrolysis). The still is wood-fuelled, and the wood is harvested during clearing work on our plots. No trees are cut down on purpose since we only use trees that fall naturally or are senescent. Storage advice: preferably in the refrigerator, to prevent the development of microorganisms. After opening, consume fairly quickly, preferably within 3 months. Stop using if the smell becomes unpleasant. __Calendula soap__ Produced in cold process and therefore containing its full amount of moisturizing glycerin, this soap is enriched with an oily macerate of calendula and 17% goat milk from our flock. The fats (rapeseed oil and tallow) come from organic neighboring farms. Storage advice: in a cool, dry place, protected from light. Use preferably within 18 months of opening. __Calendula balm__ Our balms are the result of trials and tests carried out to develop products adapted to our lifestyle. Like many people in the countryside, we spend a lot of time outdoors, in the sun, in the cold, and our skin and lips are put to the test. We have also formulated them while remaining true to our convictions, therefore with 99.99% local raw materials. They contain the same ingredients, in varying proportions, to adapt their texture to their use. We have chosen to macerate the calendula flowers in organic, grass-fed beef tallow. For even more softness, we have incorporated clarified butter made from milk of our goats. Clarified butter is free of serum and casein, and therefore does not go rancid. It gives our balms a little nutty smell and incomparable velvetiness. Finally, the stability of the texture of our balms is ensured by beeswax produced on our farm by the hives of a beekeeper friend. The wax captures the benefits of the other ingredients. The body balm also contains some soybean oil to facilitate its penetration into the skin and give you a great skin feeling after use. Storage advice: cool and protected from moisture. To be used within 6 months after opening. __Calendula massage oil__ We macerate the calendula flowers at a constant temperature in organic, non-GMO soybean oil, produced on a farm 7km from us. Soybean oil has a slight smell of toasted hazelnut and penetrates the skin very well, yet remains fluid enough to facilitate massage. Storage advice: in a cool place, protected from light. Use preferably within 6 months after opening. Our cosmetics have been tested by a group of women of different ages, often active in the agricultural field. You will be able to follow their testimonials on our Instagram throughout the season. __A few explanations on our packaging choices : __ * The hydrosol and massage oil are bottled in aluminum bottles, which protect their contents well from light. For us, this is the best recyclable compromise between the lightness of plastic and the durability of glass. * The balms are packaged in compostable paper jars. We opted for this solution inspired by the principle of zero-waste cosmetics in the form of refills. You can use a durable pot of your choice to insert your balm pot. This way, you help to generate less waste while decorating your bathroom in a sustainable way! * The lip balms are packaged in grass paper tubes, without any plastic mechanism but with a cardboard pusher. They are manufactured by a German company. We had a lot of trouble finding an alternative to plastic tubes, and especially a European alternative. We have tested the tubes under heavy use, and we are quite happy with their resistance to everyday life. We hope you like them as much as we do! PS: Since the calendula is an asteracea, its use is not recommended for people allergic to sesquiterpene lactones. The ingredient list as well as allergen information can be downloaded from "Additional Analysis". If you like farm-to-face cosmetics, like [goat's milk soaps]( and [nettle products](, take a look at our other projects.

Wanneer ontvang je het?

We start harvesting the calendula flowers at the beginning of June. Throughout the harvest season, we process them into different products. We distil part of them to make hydrosol, and we macerate the other part in soybean or rapeseed oil or beef tallow for massage oils and the soap and balm production. These activities will keep us busy all summer, until the end of September, when it will be time to prepare the shipments to the CrowdFarmers. We will send you the boxes in spring and autumn.

Waarom zou je adopteren?
Weet wie je voedsel produceert, hoe en waar. Koop je voedsel op een bewuste, directe en consistente manier.
Door in te kopen zonder tussenpersonen kan de producent betere prijzen krijgen. Dit helpt om betere banen en sociale normen te creëren op het platteland.
Als je iets adopteert, zorg je ervoor dat de producent kan verkopen tegen een vaste prijs en produceren op aanvraag. Dit voorkomt voedselverspilling van producten die worden verbouwd maar niet verkocht.
Het ondersteunt producenten die streven naar milieuvriendelijke verpakkingen en teeltpraktijken.
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