contrast rice

contrast rice

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Il progetto

Adopt 8m² of a rice field from Riuet in Sollana (Spagna) and receive your contrast rice at home. Miguel will take care of your adoption and take its picture. You will also be able to download the adoption certificate, and if you wish, plan your visit to the farm. You do not enter into any long-term commitment: Although your adoption will be renewed automatically, you will always be informed in advance and may decide to cancel your adoption at any time as long as the preparation has not yet begun.

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Cosa adotti?

You adopt 8m² of a rice field from our farm in Sollana (Spagna). We will cultivate your rice, harvest it, leave it to dry in the sun, mill it and package it for you. You adopt a rice field in the Albufera Natural Park of Valencia. This emblematic place is a natural freshwater wetland that was declared a “Natural Park” in 1986, where rice has been traditionally grown for more than a thousand years. Valencia was the first rice-growing area in Europe. The seasons of the year mark the calendar of the rice-growing cycle: in spring the rice fields are sown, the summer is used to nourish the plant; while in winter, the land is left fallow and flooded to rest, regenerating the soil and aquatic biodiversity. In this project, two very special varieties are grown: one with red bran and the other with black bran. Both are short rice-growing cycle of medium-high size and low productivity. They are very hardy and resistant to fungal diseases, but they have a tendency to get lodged, making harvesting difficult. Pigmented rices are consumed only once they are husked. The colour of the pericarp is due to an accumulation of trace elements and antioxidants. Our varieties have the highest varietal purity and a percentage of perfect grains higher than the strictest standard: the extra category. Our rice has a minimum of 96% perfect grains. Both varieties are excellent in the kitchen, providing an exquisite smell, colour and flavour that makes them unmistakable. Since they dye the water in which they are cooked, chefs often use them to dye other foods such as pastas and soups or preparing broths. They are, undoubtedly, rice varieties of a high gastronomic level. We grow our rice with the greatest respect for the environment and with the minimum number of added supplies. Thanks to that, our rice has no trace of chemical residues. The continuous improvement of biodiversity in our plots proves we are cultivating in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Each rice paddy produces an average of 8kg of contrast rice per season.

Che cosa ricevi?

Each season we will send you a box with: __Big box:__ 2 x __Black rice__ (2kg, cloth bag) 2 x __Red rice__ (2kg, cloth bag) __Small box:__ 1 x __Black rice__ (2kg, cloth bag) 1 x __Red rice__ (2kg, cloth bag) __Black rice__ It is a medium, brown, grain rice with a black pericarp grown in the Albufera Natural Park of Valencia. It has a very peculiar flavour and aroma. In ancient China it was considered such an exquisite delicacy that only the imperial family could eat it. It was forbidden to everyone else, which is why it is also known as forbidden rice. Soak it for hours before cooking. Always boil it with excess water. The water will turn purple colour and can be used in cooking, for example, to make a fumet. When boiled, it will start to give off aroma of freshly baked bread. The approximate cooking time is 30 minutes. It is recommended for salads and side dishes. __Red rice__ It is a medium, brown grain rice with a red pericarp. It is cultivated in the Albufera Natural Park of Valencia. It is very rich in fibre and trace elements. Its smell emanates hints of a nutty aroma. Once cooked, it has a crunchy texture reminiscent of pine nuts. Soak it for hours before cooking. Always boil it with excess water. The approximate cooking time is 30 minutes. It is recommended for salads and side dishes. The best before date is approximately 2 years after harvesting. It is recommended to preserve it below 18ºC. It can be kept in the fridge or frozen without losing its properties. In our mill we only elaborate rice, so there isn’t any cross-contamination. It doesn’t contain traces of gluten either.

Quando lo ricevi?

We will start to reap the rice in November. After that, we will dry it until it is at its optimum point to be able to husk it. It will be stored in the barn until January, when we will start milling it in our own mill, which will select the best grains. We will pack it in our hand-sewn cloth bags so you can enjoy it from February onwards.

Perché adottare?
Scopri da chi, come e dove viene prodotto il tuo cibo. Acquista il tuo cibo in modo consapevole, diretto e coerente.
Acquistare senza intermediari permette al produttore di ottenere prezzi migliori. Ciò contribuisce a creare posti di lavoro e condizioni sociali migliori negli ambienti rurali.
Quando adotti qualcosa permetti al produttore di assicurarsi la vendita a un prezzo fisso e di produrre su richiesta. In questo modo è anche possibile evitare lo spreco di cibo che viene coltivato senza essere venduto.
Sostieni i coltivatori che si battono per l'utilizzo di imballaggi e pratiche di coltivazione rispettosi dell'ambiente.
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