organic red wine Está por venir tempranillo
Bodega Palomillo

organic red wine Está por venir tempranillo

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Adopt vines from the farm "Bodega Palomillo" in Vélez-Rubio (Spagna) and receive your harvest in the form of organic red wine Está por venir tempranillo at home. Paco will take care of your adoption and take its picture. Also, you will be able to download the adoption certificate and, if you wish, plan your visit to the farm. You do not enter into any long-term commitment: once you receive your harvest and you enjoyed the experience, you may decide to renew and extend the adoption. These wines were tasted by a group of professional wine tasters that collaborate with CrowdFarming, and they received an average score of 83.5 out of a possible 100.

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Cosa adotti?

You adopt vines from our farm in Vélez-Rubio (Spagna). The cultivation here is certified as organic by the European Union as of 2016. During the process of adoption you can choose a name that we will engrave on a plaque and hang on your vitigni. You will adopt 3 Tempranillo grapevines on our small family vineyard. This variety is native to Spain, and is also known as the ¨noble grape¨. Our crops are ecologically certified and we treat each of our grapevines with the individual attention they deserve, tending to their different needs. The cultivation of the grape is carried out in a traditional way and the entire process is completely artisanal. The vines grow at an altitude of 980 meters and are dry farmed; this means that the grapevines rely purely on rainfall and there is no need to exploit water reserves, rivers, or reservoirs. From each vine we collect between 7 and 10 bunches of grapes, which is equivalent to 2.5 - 3 kg of grapes. Tempranillo grapevines need care throughout the year. In winter, pruning is carried by cutting off any excess branches. Using this method we regulate the grape production and give consistency to the vine. In April, we carry out another pruning or “destalle”, in which we select the branches that we want to produce the grape clusters, this ensures the vines produce the best possible grapes. We also remove leaves from the vine to allow sufficient ventilation which prevents the appearance of "ceniza", a fungus that can rot the grape clusters. In May, the vines are “topped”, this means we cut the tips of the longest shoots, which encourages the fattening of the bunches of grapes. We also remove some of the leaves to maintain ventilation and then guide the bunches onto the trellises that will support their weight as they grow. Throughout the year we plough the land several times to control weeds and help the soil to oxygenate. We also manually remove the weeds around each vine. Your adoption is 13 years old and its productive life is 35 years. For as long as you want to keep your adoption, and we can continue taking care of it, you can renew year after year. If your adoption stops being able to produce for any reason, we will replace it with an other, and we guarantee your delivery from the produce of others for that season. Your vitigni produce an average of 8kg of organic grapes each season. With this amount we can produce around 4.5l of organic red wine Está por venir tempranillo.

Che cosa ricevi?

Each season we will send you a box with: 3 x __Young Wine "Está por venir"__(0.75l each bottle) 3 x __Barrel Aged Wine "Está por venir"__ (0.75l each bottle) The Young wine "Está por venir" is obtained after transforming Tempranillo grape must into wine, through a fermentation process controlled by temperature. Before being bottled, it is clarified and filtered. This wine is a cherry red colour, with a slow falling tear. Its aroma is reminiscent of red fruits, wet earth and truffle. When tasting it, you will appreciate the fruity freshness, soft on the palate, with ripe tannins that give it body. It is a very versatile wine, suitable for tapas or to accompany any starter in both summer and winter. Our wine "Está por venir" can be enjoyed with any type of food such as meat, pasta, pizzas or spicy foods, which makes it a favourite wine to have at home. Serve between 15 / 18ºC. If stored correctly, this wine can be kept unopened for up to 2 years. The barrel aged wine "Está por venir" is aged for 6 months in American oak and French oak barrels, and rested for another 6 months in the bottle where it matures into a well-rounded wine and reaches an optimal state for consumers. This wine is also a cherry red colour but it also has a violet tone; in the glass it presents a large, slow-falling tear. It has an intense aroma of ripe red and black fruits, with a touch of roasted coffee and vanilla. It is pleasant in the mouth, smooth but powerful, leaving a caramel aftertaste. It is a perfect wine for both tapas and to accompany hearty dishes and meats. Serve between 15/18ºC. The wine will keep unopened for a period of 3 years as long as it is stored correctly. To preserve the characteristics of the wine, we recommend that you keep the bottles lying in a horizontal position so that the wine always touches the cork. The ideal temperature to preserve the wine is 15 / 18ºC although you can keep it between 10º and 25ºC. To obtain the technical data about this wine, and the detailed results of the official tasting done by professional wine tasters in collaboration with CrowdFarming, you can download the technical data sheet is available when you click on the "Additional analyses" seal. Given that the wines are analysed as they are bottled, bear in mind that the technical data sheet may correspond to the vintage of the previous year and not to the wine you will receive.

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Quando lo ricevi?

Between the end of August and mid-September, we manually harvest the grapes when they have reached the optimal ripeness and sugar level. You are invited to come and help us harvest! Wine is a product with a long shelf life, so we can choose several shipping dates throughout the year without compromising the quality of the wines. The young wine is bottled directly from the tank and the barrel-aged wine spends 6 months rounding off its aromas in oak barrels.

Perché adottare?
Scopri da chi, come e dove viene prodotto il tuo cibo. Acquista il tuo cibo in modo consapevole, diretto e coerente.
Acquistare senza intermediari permette al produttore di ottenere prezzi migliori. Ciò contribuisce a creare posti di lavoro e condizioni sociali migliori negli ambienti rurali.
Quando adotti qualcosa permetti al produttore di assicurarsi la vendita a un prezzo fisso e di produrre su richiesta. In questo modo è anche possibile evitare lo spreco di cibo che viene coltivato senza essere venduto.
Sostieni i coltivatori che si battono per l'utilizzo di imballaggi e pratiche di coltivazione rispettosi dell'ambiente.
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