Vino Riesling y Pinot Noir Rothenberg Weingut Bürgermeister Schweinhardt

4,50 l/caja

Vino Riesling y Pinot Noir Rothenberg Weingut Bürgermeister Schweinhardt
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Contenido de la caja: 1 caja contiene 4.5l de vino blanco y tinto Rothenberg Riesling y Pinot Noir DOP Nahe
Variedad: riesling, pinot noir
1 x Riesling “Rothenberg Terrasse”, seco (0,75l, botella): una selección especial de un viejo y escarpado viñedo; tiene aromas de fruta fina en combinación con una excelente mineralidad; también puede envejecer y ser bebido como un vino singular después de muchos años
2 x Riesling “Rothenberg”, seco (0,75l, botella): convence con aromas frutales que recuerdan a albaricoque y maracuyá
1 x Pinot Noir “Rothenberg”, seco (0,75l, botella): un vino que tiene un cuerpo fuerte, su propia plenitud y una larga reverberación
2 x Riesling “Rothenberg Spätlese”, dulce (0,75l, botella): va bien con el sushi o los platos picantes a la parrilla
Estamos comprometidos con la conservación de la naturaleza; "empresa asociada para la conservación de la naturaleza" con el ministerio de Agricultura y Medio Ambiente desde 2014; no utilizamos pesticidas ni insecticidas en la viticultura
Todos nuestros vinos son veganos
Todos los vinos de esta caja se dejan envejecer y prometen un gran disfrute
Botellas con tapón de rosca, en una caja de envío certificada por la FSC
Recomendamos disfrutar del Pinot Noir a 16°C, y el Riesling a 10°-12°C de temperatura para beber
El vino debe ser almacenado en un lugar fresco y oscuro. En estas condiciones, podrás disfrutar de nuestros vinos durante siete o diez años
Estos vinos fueron catados por catadores profesionales independientes y han recibido la puntuación media de 91,5 (de 100), puedes consultar más info si pinchas en el sello "Análisis adicionales"
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Análisis adicionales
Axel Schweinhardt
Tradition, innovation & passion ... These were and are the cornerstones that have given my family strength to pass the winery on from generation to generation. It was important that every generation in its time did its best to be familiar with “tried and true” methods and also open to new ideas. Thus, our family has run our winery for so many years, more than 350 years with heart, mind and luck. I myself love nature. Since my childhood I couldn't imagine anything better than taking over the winery. So I studied wine economy in Heilbronn and took over all work in the wine cellar in 1993. It was then that my father said “it used to be about wine - today it is about good wine” and that was my job. I love the different soils in Langenlonsheim and the huge variety of wines. I especially love how the terroir is reflected in its subtlety and expressiveness in the wine. So I worked hand in hand with my father for many years. I learned a lot from my father. Since 2008, I have taken full responsibility for our family winery. In my time we have withstood some economic and weather challenges. Today I run our winery with my wife Ute. We complement each other – sometimes one plus one equals more than two and that's our luck. My wife Ute is also a business economist and used to work in the IT industry as a senior process consultant. In 2010 we opened a small B&B in the winery - the HEINRICHs. So we have the opportunity to give wine lovers an insight into our vinery and after a wine tasting you can also fall into bed happily. We have nine double rooms for our guests. Ute and I have been enthusiastic CrowdFarmers since the beginning and have together enjoyed the fresh, seasonal products of the other farmers. Now we can also be there as farmers! That makes us very happy.
Weingut Bürgermeister Schweinhardt
Our winery is located in the Nahe region, in Langenlonsheim, a wine village at the foot of the Hunsrück. Until the 1950s, our winery was an agricultural mixed farm, like almost all wineries at that time. In the old days we had ten cows, pigs and poultry. Horses helped in the vineyard. Today we have two dogs and a couple of chickens, which belong to the family. We have also had bees for a few years now. And then, of course, wine, which brought some cash in. Modernizations were carried out through the sale of wine. I am often asked how the name “Bürgermeister” (mayor) comes into our company name. Well, it was like this: my grandfather Willi Schweinhardt was Mayor of Langenlonsheim from 1946 to 1969. At that time, Langenlonsheim did not yet have a town hall and its office was opposite our HEINRICHs B&B breakfast room today. After more than 20 years as mayor, no one greeted him saying “Good morning Mr. Schweinhardt”, but “Good morning Mr. Bürgermeister”. This is how the mayor Schweinhardt winery came to be, which is anchored in the commercial register. Transparency for our customers is very important to us. We are committed to nature conservation so that future generations can live healthy lives in harmony with nature. Environment, Agriculture, Food, Viticulture and Forestry, distinguished us in 2014 on behalf of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate as a “partner company for nature conservation”. We do not use pesticides or insecticides for our viticulture. This means that rare plants and animals, such as smooth snakes, orchids and rare butterflies, like for example *Aricia agestis* can once again be at home in our vineyards. We love diversity of species in our vineyards: we have wild bees, as well as a variety of bird nesting boxes. Additionally, we have created two Beetle banks. We have also changed the packaging to more stable and beautiful wine boxes that can be reused. About the Beetle banks: We started this young project in 2018 together with the FH (Fachhochschule) Bingen. We want insects to feel more at home in our fields. Why? So that biodiversity forms and good wintering conditions prevail. Therefore we created our first 160 meter long Beetle bank in 2018 (it is also known as a beetle wall). With success: we see & hear significantly more pheasants, partridges, lapwings and other ground breeders. The second system of a 160-meter long Beetle bank followed in 2019. Anyone who wants to join can gladly take an active part in the third. Thanks to the nature-friendly cultivation of the vineyards, rare plants and animals, such as snake snakes, orchids and rare butterflies, like *Aricia agestis* can once again be at home. Our vineyards are not irrigated. We are dependent on nature. Due to green manuring and humus formation, we have a water-efficient process so water can be better retained in the soil. “Waste” - that is, the pressing residues of the grapes in our winery are returned to nature through composting. We are also like a family for our team: We take care of each other and in addition to family-friendly working hours, this also includes payment well above the minimum wage. We are proud of that. Our philosophy isn’t “higher-faster-further” it is “healthy-sustainable-and-happy-together”.
Información técnica
Weingut Bürgermeister Schweinhardt, Langenlonsheim, DE
2 mujeres y 2 hombres
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