goat cheese and organic white wine selection

goat cheese and organic white wine selection

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Adopt a goat from the flock of "Vulkanhof" farm in Gillenfeld (Alemania) and receive your goat cheese and organic white wine selection at home. Manuela will take care of your adoption and take its picture. You will also be able to download the adoption certificate, and if you wish, plan your visit to the farm. As the production coming from one goat is big, the adoption is shared among various people. If you wish to have a bigger share, you may adopt more than once. You do not enter into any long-term commitment: Although your adoption will be renewed automatically, you will always be informed in advance and may decide to cancel your adoption at any time as long as the preparation has not yet begun.

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¿Qué adoptas?

You adopt a goat from our farm in Gillenfeld (Alemania). Our goats feed on the wonderful Eifel meadows and their nutritious and fragrant herbs. They live in a large, well-ventilated goat house, always with fresh straw, and can go outdoors. Our goats, the "Weiße Deutsche Edelziege - the white German" and the "Bunte Deutsche Edelziege - the colourful German" are extremely productive, hardy and live a long life. They provide milk with a particularly high protein and fat content for the production of our goat’s cheese specialities. In the Eifel region of Germany, they have been used for at least 80 years in agricultural livestock farming. The "Weiße Deutsche Edelziege" can produce up to 700 litres of milk per year. Our family business has been in existence since 1961 and is run with great passion by the third generation. We have been keeping goats since 1995 and our traditional, artisanal cheese dairy is located on the farm’s premises. The "Feinschmecker" magazine named us as one of the best cheese dairies in Germany and we have received several public and quality awards for our cheeses in recent years by the Association for Artisanal Milk Processing. Perhaps we owe this to the basis of our goats' feed: hay from our own meadows. The volcanic rocks and sandy soils not only give our farm its name, but also form an optimal agricultural base. The manure produced by the goats is, after appropriate treatment, re-spread as fertiliser on our meadows. All of our cheeses are made from the basic ingredients that are milk, rennet, culture and salt. To make our cheese, we use the cooled evening milk and the warm morning milk of our animals. We follow this strict rule: only the best goat's milk makes the best goat's cheese. One kilogram of "Eifelmilde" is made from about 7 to 9 litres of milk, and one kilogram of "Eifelwürze" is made from about 11 to 13 litres. Each of our cheeses is hand-scooped and matured. Following traditional recipes, all the necessary steps are carried out by hand on our farm - with a high level of expertise. Added to this production is a love of the complex process of cheese making, as well as four other important ingredients: patience, manual labour, many years of experience and love. Every year in spring, little kids are born on our farm. We raise our offspring, the next generation of dairy goats, on the farm ourselves. To ensure that all the kids are supplied with the vital immunoglobulins contained in the nutrient-rich colostrum in the first few days, they are bottle-fed. The colostrum and also living together in a group with other kids ensures a strong immune system and early socialisation. They quickly learn to provide themselves with milk, hay and water, in a group of their own age. They also develop a close bond with me, which has a positive effect on their later life together. As we cannot keep all the kids for breeding, some of them have to leave the farm. They are raised on other farms or slaughtered. We sell goat meat ourselves at Easter in our farm shop. Our animals are usually between 6 and 8 years old. When they have to leave the farm for good, their meat is processed into sausages and salami by our butcher. These products are sold on the farm in our shop. Our flock has an average age of 4-5 years and the maximum lifespan of a goat is about 10 years. For as long as you want to keep your adoption, and we can continue taking care of it, you can renew year after year. If your adoption stops producing for any reason, we will replace it with another, and we guarantee your delivery from the production of other units. We work together with Mona and Armin from the Bastgen vineyard, who grow their vines very close to us on the Moselle - Osann-Monzel. Their vineyard has been certified with the EU organic seal since 2011 and their vines can also be adopted via CrowdFarming in other projects. When you adopt one of our goats, you not only receive goat cheese, but also two bottles of Mona's and Armin's delicious organic Rieslings. Your adoption produces an average of undefinedl of originalProduction each season. With this amount we can produce around undefinedkg of goat cheese and organic white wine selection. 64 CrowdFarmers will share the adoption, and each one will receive a box containing 2.22kg of goat cheese and organic white wine selection.

¿Qué recibes?

We will send you the box that you choose when placing the adoption. __Small box of 700g raw goat milk cheese and 1 x 0.75l organic white wine __Big box of 700g raw goat milk cheese and 2 x 0.75l organic white wine__ The boxes contain the following products: 1 x Eifelmilde with Edible Flowers (130g, vakuumiert) 1 x Eifelmilde with Spicy Pepper (130g, vakuumiert) 1 x Eifelwürze younger than 4 months (130g, wrapped in wax paper) 1 x Eifelwürze with Wild Herbs (130g, wrapped in wax paper) 1 x Eifelwürze with White Wine Rind (180g, wrapped in wax paper) 1 x Goldmund Riesling organic white wine (2021) from Weingut Bastgen (0.75l, bottle) 1 x Weisenstein Riesling organic white wine (2020) from Weingut Bastgen (0.75l, bottle) __(only in the big box)__ __Eifelmilde__ is a fine soft goat cheese matured with white mould (camembert-like). The cheese matures slowly from the outside to the inside. When it is still young, it has a mild taste and a firmer consistency. It consists of 100% raw goat's milk with added lactic acid, natural rennet and salt. The white mould rind is suitable for consumption. It becomes softer and stronger with age. The Eifelmilde with edible flowers is refined with a flower creation that has captured the summer and the Eifelmilde with spiced pepper is exclusively refined for the Christmas season with a wonderfully fragrant spiced pepper with various classic Christmas spices and a hint of pepper - a cheese experience with all the senses. As soon as you receive the cheese, take it out of the packaging and store it in a cool place (in the fridge or cellar at max. 16°C). It will keep for 4-5 weeks. Our __Eifelwürze with natural rind__, is a very fine sliced goat cheese with a natural rind, spicy and aromatic. It consists of 100% raw goat's milk, to which only lactic acid, natural rennet and salt are added. The natural rind of our Eifelwürze is suitable for consumption. We have refined one of the Eifelwürze goat's cheeses with wild herbs and we have nursed one in white wine, which has given it a delicate white wine rind. Open your package immediately and store the cheese in a cotton cloth slightly moistened with salt water in the vegetable compartment of your refrigerator or in a cool cellar (max. 16°C) to extend its shelf life. Change the cloth 2-3 times a week and rub the surface with the cloth. With good care, the cheese will keep for months. The longer you leave it, the better the hard cheese is for grating over pasta dishes. Tip: Cut the cheese from the side (and not like a cake), so you only have 1 cut surface that can dry). The ingredient list as well as allergen information can be downloaded from "Additional Analysis". The __organic Riesling Goldmund__ has an animating bouquet of spicy Riesling fruit and white peach, stimulating fruit-acid play that is well balanced with all its liveliness; elegant and invigorating on the palate. A light drinking wine that makes you want to take the next sip. The grapes for the Goldmund are 100% healthy due to a pre-selection and are fermented cool in stainless steel tanks after direct pressing and an overnight sedimentation of turbid matter. The young wine remains on the full lees for almost half a year and is bottled after a single filtration with diatomaceous earth. The screw cap preserves the clear fresh Riesling fruit. Goes well with spicy and Asian dishes or salty pastries and cheese. The __organic Riesling Weisenstein__ grows on deep fine-earth soil of highly weathered clay-slate, which, in combination with the long exposure to the sun, gives the Riesling lasting power and substance. It is slowly matured in wooden barrels over 4 months and fermented with its own yeast flora; with some residual natural sweetness, which adds complexity to the deep mineral flavour. Typical for the Weisenstein is its special "spiciness" - a linguistic device to characterise the lasting taste; as a food accompaniment, a little more cream or fat may be involved here - as well as a delicious goat cheese from the Vulkanhof! Applies to both wines: Sealing: Screw cap Storage: You can enjoy these wines immediately. They both gain in intensity and depth after a certain storage period of 1 - 3 years, but experience shows that they are usually already drunk by then, because the temptation is too great. These two wines show a wide spectrum of taste nuances: green apple aromas, citrus notes, grapefruit underlaid with herbal scents and the minerality of the slate soil. Each vintage can bring out new facets. Finely structured and long-lasting - this is the style you can expect from our wines.

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¿Cuándo lo recibes?

This project will be delivered in the holiday season.

¿Por qué adoptar?
Conoce quién, cómo y dónde se producen tus alimentos. Adquiere tus alimentos de forma consciente, directa y consecuente.
Comprar sin intermediarios permite al productor obtener mejores precios. Esto ayuda a generar mejores trabajos y condiciones sociales en entornos rurales.
Cuando adoptas algo permites al productor que se asegure la venta a un precio cerrado y producir bajo demanda. Así se consigue, además, evitar el desperdicio de comida que se cultiva sin que tenga venta.
Apoya a los productores que se esfuerzan por un embalaje y unas prácticas de cultivo que respetan el medio ambiente.
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