new potatoes
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new potatoes

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Adopta 4m² de a potato field de "Maison Quemener" en Roscoff (Francia) y recibe tu cosecha a domicilio en forma de new potatoes. Tiphaine cuidará de tu adopción y le sacará una foto cada temporada. Desde tu zona privada podrás descargarte un certificado de adopción y, si quieres, planificar una visita a la finca. No hay compromiso de permanencia: aunque tu adopción se renovará automáticamente, siempre te informaremos con antelación y podrás decidir cancelarla en cualquier momento, siempre que la preparación aún no haya comenzado.

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¿Qué adoptas?

You adopt 4m² of a potato field from our farm in Roscoff (Francia) that we cultivate following the Organic Farming regulations of the European Union. We are already in the process of converting and expect to be officially certified by 2023. The arrival of new potatoes marks the start of spring and the arrival of new flavours. We have chosen the Starlette and Rikéa varieties, which are native to France and particularly well adapted to our region, Brittany. The new or also called "early" potato has been a specialty of the North Brittany coast for many decades! This early variety is possible because of the proximity to the sea and the scarcity of winter frosts. This allows us to plant the tubers in the field during the months of February/March, and to harvest the new potatoes from late April to early July. These new potato varieties have a short cycle: harvesting takes place around 90 days after planting. To save time on the crop, we arrange the tubers in boxes in thin layers during the month of December so they can germinate before planting. As soon as the sprouts are strong enough and suitable weather presents itself, we will plant them in the field. In this regard, every precaution is taken not to break the precious sprouts that will produce the future shoots and tubers at their base. We then work on the crop to weed it out, which helps to aerate the soil and to avoid having too much vegetation competing with the crop. We then furrow the potatoes, which also makes it possible to remove the competing vegetation, and especially to favour the good growth of young tubers, protected from light. At last the time of harvest arrives. The potatoes are pulled out (taken out of the soil), and sorted and packaged manually. As you will have understood, this crop is far from the highly mechanised potato crops grown in the lowland areas. Throughout the cultivation, manual or some small mechanised interventions are carried out: Set up for germination, planting, harvesting, and packaging. But we are proud to be able to offer you this fine product, marking the arrival of beautiful days, which will disappear as soon as the heat of summer is upon us. The new potato differs from the table potato (harvested in summer/autumn, to be consumed until spring) in several aspects: we do not wait for the plant to be fully mature in order to harvest it. We do not aim for yield, but for a certain harvest stage. Each potato field produces an average of 4kg of new potatoes per season.

¿Qué recibes?

Each season we will send you a box with: __4kg of new potatoes__ * Starlet (elongated oblong tuber) or Rikéa (slightly rounder): yellow flesh and skin, often smaller in size but with a much softer and sweeter taste than table potatoes; their skin is very thin, and they can be consumed without peeling * You will receive either of the two varieties * Farming in conversion to Organic Farming since 2021 * We advise you to cook them as naturally as possible, then sauté them in a cast-iron casserole dish or in a frying pan with a little water and fat until the tubers are well coloured * One kilo is about 15 to 20 new potatoes (the box you will receive will contain about 60 to 80 pieces, depending on their size) * We advise you to keep them away from light and in a cool and airy place; the potatoes can be kept for about 15 days (after that they will still be edible, but will begin to wither); the longer you wait to eat them, the thicker their skin will become

¿Cuándo lo recibes?

The new potato season will be in full swing in May and June. You will therefore receive your box during this period.

¿Por qué adoptar?
Conoce quién, cómo y dónde se producen tus alimentos. Adquiere tus alimentos de forma consciente, directa y consecuente.
Comprar sin intermediarios permite al productor obtener mejores precios. Esto ayuda a generar mejores trabajos y condiciones sociales en entornos rurales.
Cuando adoptas algo permites al productor que se asegure la venta a un precio cerrado y producir bajo demanda. Así se consigue, además, evitar el desperdicio de comida que se cultiva sin que tenga venta.
Apoya a los productores que se esfuerzan por un embalaje y unas prácticas de cultivo que respetan el medio ambiente.
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