Naranjas sanguinas de IGP Sicilia y limones ecológicos de Arancebio

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Naranjas sanguinas de IGP Sicilia y limones ecológicos de Arancebio
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Contenido de la caja: 1 caja contiene 6.5kg de naranjas sanguinas de IGP Sicilia y limones ecológicos
Variedad: tarocco y femminello siracusano
Tarocco : pulpa naranja que puede tener algunas venas rojas (coloración dada por las antocianinas), alto contenido de vitamina C, sin semillas, sabor agridulce y equilibrado y baja acidez, forma redonda y piel lisa, los frutos son de mayor tamaño que la variedad moro
Limones femminello siracusano (principios de diciembre hasta abril): pulpa de color amarillo claro, el color de la piel varía de verde a amarillo, y tiene un aspecto ligeramente arrugado; rico en aceites esenciales, tiene muy pocas semillas y el sabor típico del limón, con una alta acidez; un fruto muy jugoso, de forma elíptica y alargado en los extremos
Caja mixta con aprox. 8kg de naranjas sanguinas y 2kg de limones
Cultivo ecológico certificado por el sello europeo de Agricultura Ecológica desde 2004
Recolección bajo pedido, enviadas sin cera ni tratamientos de conservación de la piel, en una caja de cartón sin plásticos
No almacenamos la fruta en cámaras frigoríficas, la fruta va del árbol a tu casa
La caja incluye fruta extra, por si alguna pieza llega dañada
Nuestros árboles no son una fábrica de tornillos: cada fruto es único en aspecto y tamaño
1kg naranjas sanguinas contiene entre 5 y 7 piezas
1kg de limones contiene entre 4 y 6 piezas
Conservándolas en un lugar fresco y aireado te pueden aguantar 3 semanas en buenas condiciones (si quieres que te aguanten más, puedes guardarlas en la nevera)
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Danilo Magnano
My name is Danilo Magnano, I am a great lover of citrus fruits and their cultivation, work that I learned and perfected from my grandfather and father. I live daily among the citrus orchards, I have been growing them with care and passion since I was a child. My family has been growing citrus fruits for over half a century with respect for the environment and the nature that surrounds us. My working day starts very early in the morning, at 4.30 am. In the spring and during the vegetative phase of the plants, with the help of some seasonal workers, we start fertilization with products of organic origin and pruning to encourage the new vegetative shoots. From May onwards, we begin with the irrigation cycles, fixing and replacing damaged pipes and drips. In the meantime, we clean weeds with brush cutters, a very important practice that mainly serves to protect citrus groves from possible fires. These operations go on until late October when the citrus fruits begin the ripening process and are almost ready for harvesting. From November onwards, the harvesting, selection and marketing of the citrus fruits begins and continues until late June. After having worked with and directed for almost 15 years the companies that dealt with the marketing of citrus fruits and after having tested on my skin exhausting working hours and great responsibilities that also involved a lot of stress, I decided to change course and bet on my family business. I have made numerous sacrifices but believe me when I tell you that there is nothing more satisfying than working in the midst of nature. I discovered CrowdFarming by chance, and it was love at first sight. It is a very interesting project, which puts the producer in direct contact with the final consumer, without intermediaries, and which manages to give the producer the right remuneration and, on the other hand, the consumer, a fair purchase price. I like this project because it allows the producer to promote his territory, his history and his excellences in the world and the consumer to adopt the plants that best suit him, also being able to choose to buy many interesting products at a fair price.
Azienda Agricola Magnano is a family owned and managed farm established in 1962 in the outskirts of the city of Francofonte in the Sicilian province of Syracuse at 280 meters above sea level. This area is renowned for the many citrus fruits orchards of excellent quality, in particular those with red pulp. We are located next to a natural protected park with a magnificent and rich biodiversity; not least with views that will leave you speechless. With a rich history and passion for orange growing, our farm has been evolving from generation to generation, finally reaching what it has become today. It takes the family name from its manager and grower, Danilo Magnano. During the years we have looked towards a philosophy of innovation while respecting our environment and because of this, we decided in 2004 to transform our farm into an organic only fruit farm. Our farm and business is distributed across several areas within the territory of Francofonte, totaling 12 hectares (29.6 acres) of orchards. Among the many citrus varieties we currently produce you can find Navel oranges (blond pulp) and red pulp oranges like Tarocco and Moro; Femminello Siracusano lemons, Star Ruby pink grapefruits, seedless Mandalate mandarins, Nova clementines, Tacle hybrids, finger limes also known as Citrus Caviar, Bergamot oranges, Vanilla oranges, and Seville bitter oranges which are excellent for marmalades. Always following our philosophy of respecting and protecting the environment, we make sure that our most valuable resource, water, is well utilized and not wasted. Our water comes from two sources: water sharing among growers in the area with water that comes from natural springs that get diverted to each grower following a set schedule, as well as water from other natural springs in the area into our private cisterns so we can ration the water in a responsible manner. We are continuously improving our irrigation systems and cycles in order to keep our plants healthy and not waste water. To avoid using pesticides and other chemicals, in adherence to the organic methods of farming, we depend on nature to assist us. In order to fertilize the soil and provide nitrogen to the plants, we plant field beans in between rows which later get mowed and chopped, and left to naturally decompose in the ground. To combat weeds, we regularly perform maintenance and leave the cuttings to ferment on the ground in order to return the mineral salts and other micronutrients to the soil. When it comes to keeping harmful parasites at bay, we rely on an organically certified method that consists of the regular release of good insects who feed on those that tend to attack plants and fruits. As a business we have set an objective of not only providing quality products to our customers while making a profit, but also to share and create economic development opportunities within our local community. We hope to achieve this by promoting our rich territorial history and giving others the experience of tasting our history through our products. At the moment our team is composed of eight hardworking members that have been with us for 10 years. I personally take pride in ensuring that our collaborators are not only paid fairly and on time, but also that they are happy and enjoy working with us. They are an integral part of the decision making process during operations, which gives them a great sense of pride and ownership in their work. For us nothing goes to waste. Those products that do not meet our appearance expectations for sale as fresh but are still of great quality, get locally processed and transformed into juices, candied fruit, or marmalades that are also available to our customers.
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Arancebio, Francofonte, IT
2 mujeres y 6 hombres
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Agricultura ecológica
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