These oranges are not only fresh and organic. They are much more. These oranges are part of the #fruitimpact challenge, an initiative to raise awareness about the importance of eating fruit in our daily lives. At the Gasol Foundation we are fighting to combat the pandemic of child obesity that our society is suffering; and fresh fruit is a fundamental food for developing healthy eating habits.
Pau Gasol
NBA basketball player
Did you miss one or all? Don't worry! Pick up the fruit and while you're eating it comment on your result and nominate someone else.
You've dunked them all? You're a true #fruitimpact master! Take an orange from the bag, while peeling it comment on your result and nominate someone else.
Buy organic clementines
What's the impact of the challenge?
Raise public awareness about the problem of childhood obesity
Promote the consumption of organic fruit
Promotes direct sales between producer and consumer
#fruitimpact challenge
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What is the objective of this challenge?
Where do the clementines come from?
The oranges are grown by Maria Luisa Henríquez Santana on her farm Doña Ana located in Spain. They are organic oranges that are harvested on demand and travel directly from the farm to your home, without intermediaries.
Can I send a box as a gift?
When will I receive the box?
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