Soft goat cheese from Vulkanhof
Soft goat cheese from Vulkanhof
Buy directly from the farmer. Without intermediaries.
1 box contains 1kg of BBQ- & frying goat cheese
Variety: Weiße Deutsche Edelziege + Bunte Deutsche Edelziege
1 x Eifelmilde soft cheese DIY for frying, BBQ or baking (whole loaf, approx. 1000 g, vacuum-packed)
It can be eaten cold (pure, or in a "herb pot" with oil to taste) or heated, as a main course, side dish or snack
Once cut, it should be stored in the refrigerator well protected from drying out and consumed within a few weeks
If you want to keep the cheese longer after opening the packaging, put it in oil and store it in the refrigerator or cool cellar (4 months)
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Solar power
Not genetically modified