organic pomegranates from Llauradors de Somnis
organic pomegranates from Llauradors de Somnis
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1 box contains 5kg of organic pomegranates
Variety: Emek, Shani and Acco
Each box contains around 15 pieces of fruit, each weighing around 300 g
The Emek variety which is the earliest with a small, soft-textured seed and a touch of sourness
The Shani variety which has ruby red seeds with an excellent taste and a balance between sugar and sourness
The Acco variety which is the later and sweeter of the three varieties, with an intense red aril colour
Our pomegranates have been treated with water and organic fertilizers and are picked according to the harvesting schedule
Best preserved cold
They can last up to a month in a stable and cold temperature
Limited harvest. Home delivery included.
Delivery country United Kingdom
Final price: 19.72€
Final price: 19.72€
(5 kg)
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