Avocados from La Salada
Avocados from La Salada
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1 box contains 4kg of avocados
Variety: Lamb Hass
Pulp rich in oils with a mild flavor reminiscent of hazelnut and / or walnut, a tender consistency and a creamy texture
Complete its ripening once collected (10-20 days after, depending of the time of the year and the room temperature they are kept at)
The optimum ripening point can be found when the avocado turns black in full and is soft to the touch in all its parts
You can delay the ripening of some of your avocados received by keeping them in the refrigerator; they will restart the ripening process again once they are back to room temperature
Limited harvest. Home delivery included.
Delivery country United Kingdom
Final price: 34.69€
Final price: 34.69€
(4 kg)
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