Organic Mangoes from Finca Atalaya
Organic Mangoes from Finca Atalaya
Buy directly from the farmer. Without intermediaries.
1 box contains 4.5kg of organic mango
Variety: Osteen y Keitt
Osteen mango (from early September to mid-October): ovoid shape, green, orange and purple skin, the pulp has a sweet taste with a hint of acidity and low fibre
Keitt mango (from mid-October to mid-November): ovoid to oval shape, pink-green skin, sweet taste with a hint of acidity and low fibre
Organic farming certified by the European Organic Farming seal since 1979
Picked the day before shipment at their optimal point of ripeness and shipped in a cardboard box without plastics
One kilo contains between 1 and 4 fruits (the box contains 7-10 fruits approximately, depending on the size)
Keep them at room temperature until they are ripe, once they are fully ripe put them in the fridge to keep them longer
It is a climacteric fruit that will continue to ripen once you receive it
Limited harvest. Home delivery included.
Delivery country United Kingdom
Final price: 27.3€
Final price: 27.3€
(4.50 kg)
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