Extra virgin olive oil from Il Bottaccio
Extra virgin olive oil from Il Bottaccio
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1 box contains 3l of Extra virgin olive oil PGI
Variety: Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo
6 x PGI Toscana Olive oil (500ml)
It's an extra virgin olive oil with a fruity aroma and vegetable notes
It has a medium-light acidity and well pronounced spicy notes, with hints of ripe olives and sweet almonds
Harvest period: from 1 to 30 October
You can pair it with dishes such as roasted rabbit, marinated lemon fish, roasted turbot, grilled cuttlefish, barley sprout salads, and other seafood dishes
The best way to preserve your oil is to keep it away from sunlight and heat sources, this way the oil maintains its characteristics for at least 18 months
Limited harvest. Home delivery included.
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Final price: 72.4€
Final price: 72.4€
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