Cow cheese from Gaec Mehaberria

2.00 kg/box

Cow cheese from Gaec Mehaberria
Buy directly from the farmer. Without intermediaries.
Limited & seasonal harvest.
The farmer does (yet) not ship to:  United States
Contents of the box: 1 box contains 2kg of matured Tomme cow's milk cheese
Race: Prim'Holstein
1 x matured Tomme cow's milk cheese (about 2kg, vacuum-packed)
Half a cheese made from raw cow's milk and matured in the cellar for about 4 months through manual care by brushing the rind
Soft, delicate and fragrant cheese of the Pyrenean Tomme type
Made from Bleu Blanc Cœur milk, so that Omega 3 content is guaranteed
Can be enjoyed at the end of a meal as a cheese platter, but also as an aperitif or in cubes or sticks in salads or prepared in raclette or for preparing burgers
Store in the refrigerator compartment, surrounded by a cloth; consume within two months of opening
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Additional analyses
Jean Mollon
My name is Jean Mollon, I took over the family farm and the production that was in place: dairy cows. I grew up in the farm, and I was passionate about this life around animals and nature, with the possibility of working outside or inside in some cases. I took over from my parents because of my love for this job. At the beginning I worked with my parents, it was necessary to produce ... then since 2010, we have decided to change this way of work with the will of bringing the products of the farm "from the farm to the fork" I was born on the farm and this is my first job. I work with my brother who takes care of the dairy sheep next door, my parents are still active as well, and I have one of my sons who is starting to help me…The integration into CrowdFarming is the result of our first experience, which is the sale of Ossau Iraty cheeses with the Aozteia farm, who are also part of the cooperators.It’s a way to sell directly to consumers and to be in touch with them, and to shorten the distribution chain.
Gaec Mehaberria
The name of the exploitation or the farm is Mehaberria, it is called like that because it is the historical name of the house. It is located in Irissarry. The different crops present on the farm (both planted crops but also the natural environment) are natural meadows, temporary alfalfa and corn crops alternated with meslin. In the surrounding area there are many sheep breedings. The Mehaberria farm supplies the Dairy Cooperative of the Basque Country where the cheeses are made. The cooperative also collects milk from 15 other cow milk producers who produce milk of the same quality (Bleu Blanc Coeur) and from 30 sheep milk producers in the Ossau Iraty appellation. This activity generates 28 jobs at the Fromagerie and in the Aldudes valley where it is located. The producers are the leaders of the cooperative. I'm the president. There is a director and a team of employees who ensure the production and sale of the cheeses produced My parents went to the United States, like many Basques, because there was not enough work there. They returned to the country and bought this farm over 40 years ago in Irissarry. My father worked there on dairy farms and it is for this reason that he developed this production back in the Basque Country. Then I took over from my parents. The water used on the farm is from a natural origin: rainwater and spring water for animal feeding. There is no artificial watering or drip, everything is natural. It is true that we are in the Basque Country region which is naturally watered by the rain! It’s a sustainable agriculture. The grass is either grazed by animals or harvested and dried for the winter. To avoid using pesticides in the meadows we have the presence of natural enemies made by reversals and a maximum of possible crop rotations. Weeding is done mechanically. The biodiversity of crops and species is favored by the seed of several grassland species. The fertilizers used are: manure and lime, there is no chemical fertilizer! The coop was created in 2014, today 28 employees work in the company without counting the 50 producers who supply the cheese dairy. Employees are paid according to the collective agreement on 13 months' wages. The number of employees recognized as disabled is 2. Milk waste does not exist but we are trying to make the most of the cheeses that do not match the marketing standards by transforming them to avoid losses and food waste. Whey is sent to feed pigs who love it ... Being in a Natura 2000 area, the waters are also reprocessed before being sent into the river which feeds fish farms downstream.
Technical information
Gaec Mehaberria, Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, FR
1 man
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