Avocados from Finca Marroquino
Avocados from Finca Marroquino
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1 box contains 4kg of avocados
Variety: Hass and Lamb Hass
In conversion to organic farming since 2020
Hass (January until the end of March): Each piece of fruit weighs between 200 g and 300 g, it has a small pit and the flesh isn’t fibery, the skin is a bit rough and rather leathery, when the fruit is still on the tree, the colour is between a deep and dark green, sometimes almost black
Lamb Hass (beginning of April until mid-May): It weighs between 280g and 320g, pear-shaped and the colour is green when unripe and black when ripe, its skin is less rough and less flexible than the Hass, though it is easy to separate the skin from the flesh
Average quantity per kilo: between 4 and 5 pieces
We do not store the fruit in cold chambers
The box is plastic-free
It is a climacteric fruit which ripens between 10 and 15 days from the moment it is picked from the tree
Limited harvest. Home delivery included.
Delivery country United Kingdom
Final price: 33.04€
Final price: 33.04€
(4 kg)
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