Organic early avocados de Finca Montealegre

2.50 kg/box

Organic early avocados de Finca Montealegre
Buy directly from the farmer. Without intermediaries.
Limited & seasonal harvest.
The farmer does (yet) not ship to:  United States
Contents of the box: 1 box contains 2.5kg of organic early avocado
Variety: Bacon, Fuerte
Pear-shaped, medium-large size, smooth and thin skin, green color when ripe with small whitish spots, less fat, very suitable for making guacamole
Organic farming certified by the European Organic Farming label since 2002
Picked the day before shipment at their optimal point of ripeness and shipped in a cardboard box without plastics
Our trees are not a screw factory: each fruit is unique in appearance and size
One kilo contains between 6 and 8 fruits (the box contains 17 fruits approximately, depending on the size)
Keep them at room temperature until they are ripe, once they are fully ripe put them in the fridge to keep them longer
It is a climacteric fruit, harvested when it reaches physiological ripeness but continues to evolve after harvesting until it is ready for consumption
Important: the fruits usually arrive hard, keep them at room temperature until they reach they are ready to eat; if you receive an alread ripe piece, you can put it in the fridge or eat it straight away
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Antonio Prados Bravo
My name's Antonio Prados, I'm from Torrox and I produce and market the crops of various agricultural projects. I've spent all my life doing this. My family used to sell fruit and vegetables at a local market, where I also worked when I was young. Once I had gained the necessary knowledge and resources, and understood the needs of farmers and consumers, I decided to start my own business and look beyond our borders. Since 2006, I've been producing my own fruit and working with local farmers to lay down similar production criteria and make our products reach as many households as possible across the European Union. Getting to this point was no mean feat, as the work with my parents was intense and pretty hard, because we had to invest long hours and move a lot of heavy products. I learnt three vital things from that period, which I still apply today: hard work and dedication; knowledge of the crops; and the complexity of dealing with farmers and salespeople, each with their own interests and idiosyncrasies. But with patience and transparency you gain enough trust to build stable business relationships. Organic farming has always been a goal to pursue, and since I manage my own farms, I have started the conversion process for each of them in order to achieve a 100% environmentally and health responsible production. Thanks to CrowdFarming, I've discovered a whole host of possibilities to make the impact that I am looking for, supported by thousands of people who think and act the same. People who care about their health, who prefer to consume seasonal and local products, and who also care about minimising the ecological footprint for future generations. My role in the company is to coordinate the teams, so that our 'machine' works at full throttle throughout the year. When there are several farms to manage, the problems multiply and planning is always the best thing. I have to know the needs of each crop, foresee the necessary resources for them and organise the different teams.
Finca Montealegre
Finca Montealegre is our flagship farm. It has been part of our family since the 1990s and is located in a beautiful setting, surrounded by other small farms producing avocados, mangos, lemons and grapes, among other crops. Rainfed agriculture has always predominated in this area, but thanks to the proximity of the Sierra Tejeda and the water from its springs, some farms with a less pronounced relief have been gradually transformed into irrigated land. Situated nearby is Cómpeta, a small village characterised by its authentic feel and friendly inhabitants. It still boasts traditional whitewashed houses and is part of the 'Sol y Vino' tourist itinerary, thanks to its culture related to the production of sweet wine and raisins. We have other farms spread across the Axarquía region, also cultivated according to European organic farming regulations. This means that we manage the land sustainably, taking into consideration the fertilisation of the plants, the management of possible pests and diseases, the contribution of organic matter from the pruning remains of trees, and the use of a brush cutter to control the grass. We have a drip irrigation system to guarantee optimal water consumption, which we calibrate depending on the time of the year, taking advantage of the rains in winter and our reservoir in summer. Our family works on the farm, assisted by workers who help us pick the fruit, prune, graft and fertilise the trees. Each time of the year calls for a different type of care, so we organise ourselves to make sure that each farm receives the attention that the crop demands. The workers are locals who have been trained by our team and have been with us for years. Their work is really important because the fruit yielded depends on the care of each tree. That's why we fully focus on their needs and personal circumstances, always attempting to ensure job stability so that they can stay with us for many years. At Montealegre, the harvests begin just when the fruit ripens. Beforehand, we check different parameters that determine the quality of our fruit and we plan the harvest to ensure that the deliveries are sent out the following day. We don't consider fruit to be bad due to its appearance and we only remove pieces that aren't suitable for consumption because they're rotten or overripe. The rest ends up in your boxes, as they're all fruits that retain their flavour and properties.
Technical information
Finca Montealegre, Competa, ES
5 men
19,9 ha
Cultivation technique
Organic farming
Drip irrigation
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