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Converting to organic
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Adopt an avocado tree from the "Finca Los Pepones" farm in Vélez-Málaga (Spain) and receive your late avocado at home. María will take care of your adoption and take its picture. You will also be able to download the adoption certificate, and if you wish, plan your visit to the farm. You do not enter into any long-term commitment: Although your adoption will be renewed automatically, you will always be informed in advance and may decide to cancel your adoption at any time as long as the preparation has not yet begun.

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Conversion to organic farming
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What do you adopt?

You adopt an avocado tree from our farm in Vélez-Málaga (Spain) that we cultivate following the Organic Farming regulations of the European Union. We are already in the process of converting and expect to be officially certified by 2023. When placing the adoption you can choose a name which we will use to identify your avocado tree. You adopt an avocado tree of the Lamb Hass variety. This is a relatively new variety as it was first registered by the University of California in 1996. It comes from a hybrid of Gwen (granddaughter of the Hass) and Thille. It was selected thanks to characteristics such as its great taste, high yield and later ripening, meaning that we can extend the avocado harvest season in Spain until the summer. The tree is very vigorous, grows faster than other varieties, has a higher density of leaves, and loses fewer fruits due to the wind. In recent years, it has been gaining popularity as it covers a time of year in which when there weren't avocados in Spain. The harvest season is what makes them perfect for planting with other varieties, as we can send avocados for more months. Your adoption is 6 years old and its maximum lifespan is 25 years. For as long as you want to keep your adoption, and we can continue taking care of it, you can renew year after year. If your adoption stops producing for any reason, we will replace it with another, and guarantee you the delivery from the production of other units. By adopting an avocado tree you can receive up to 17.5kg of late avocado each season. You do not have to commit to ordering the entire harvest though. Each season you can decide how much you want to reserve, and you pay the maintenance cost according to that amount. This way you only pay for what you plan to consume, and we can offer any surplus harvest to others.

What will you receive?

During the season, you will be able to receive the harvest that you are reserving now: a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 boxes. Once you have paid for the adoption, you will be able to plan your shipments from your user account. Shipping format: __2,5kg box of avocados__ * Lamb Hass (April - May): pear-shaped, medium-large size, rough skin, green colour that turns black when ripe, creamy texture, more intense flavour, greater amount of fat * Farming in conversion to Organic Farming since 2020 * Harvested on request, shipped without wax or preservative treatments in a cardboard box without plastic * Our farm is not a screw factory: each fruit is unique in appearance and size * One kilo contains between 3 and 6 fruits * If you keep them in a fresh and airy place, they can last up to 20 days in good condition (if you want them to last longer, you can keep them in the fridge) * It is a climacteric fruit which is harvested when it reaches physiological maturity; after being picked from the tree it then continues to ripen until it has reached its optimum point for consumption * Important note: the fruits usually arrive hard; to ripen them, keep them at room temperature until they are ready to eat; if you receive some fruit that is already ripe, you can either eat it right away or keep it in the fridge When you receive the avocados you will have to wait before consuming them. The avocados will arrive green and very hard. How do you know when they are ready to be eaten? * The colour of the skin turns black * The skin yields when you press it. It should yield all around. If only a small part yields, it is beginning to ripen, but it still has a couple of days left * When you remove the stalk the colour is yellow, if it is greenish it is not ready How do you get them to ripen a little earlier? A little trick is to wrap the avocados in a newspaper and put them in a warmer part of the house, for example in the kitchen pantry instead of the fruit bowl at the table. How can you extend the shelf life? If they all ripen at the same time and you want to have more time to enjoy them, you can put them in the fridge and take them out as you want to eat them. I recommend that you take them out one day before eating it so that it is not cold and the pulp is softer.

When will you receive it?

The season starts in early April and ends in early June, so this is when deliveries will arrive. That said, the dates may vary depending on the weather.

Why should you adopt?
Know who, how and where your food is produced. Source your food in a conscious, direct and consistent manner.
Buying without intermediaries allows the producer to obtain better prices. This helps generate better jobs and social standards in rural areas.
When you adopt something, you allow the producer to ensure the sale at a fixed price and to produce on demand. This also avoids wasting food that is grown without being sold.
It supports producers who strive for environmentally friendly packaging and cultivation practices.
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