organic chickpeas and chickpea flour

organic chickpeas and chickpea flour

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The project

Adopt a chickpea field from "Fastuchera" in Cammarata (Italy) and receive your harvest in the form of organic chickpeas and chickpea flour at home. Nicola will take care of your adoption and take its picture. Also, you will be able to download the adoption certificate and, if you wish, plan your visit to the farm. You do not enter into any long-term commitment: Although your adoption will be renewed automatically, you will always be informed in advance and may decide to cancel your adoption at any time as long as the preparation has not yet begun.

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What do you adopt?

Adopt a chickpea field that we cultivate under the Organic Farming regulations of the European Union since 2011. Two varieties are sown in our fields, both typical Sicilian varieties: Pasha and, to a lesser extent, Sultano. The chickpeas are sown in the open field in January during the crescent moon. Unlike lentils, they have a good resistance to some weeds and, thanks to their deep root system, they adapt well to difficult climatic conditions such as droughts. Nevertheless, manual weeding in the open field is necessary every year, above all to reduce the presence of all the plants (milk thistle, wild cabbage, centaurea napifolia, hawkweed oxtongue) that hinder the chickpeas' growth. The harvest takes place in July when they are well-dried in the sun and are hard on the inside. Finally, in September they are selected and packaged in 1kg paper bags, while those destined for flour production – used in Sicily to prepare some traditional dishes – are ground in a stone mill and packaged a few days before shipping. Each chickpea field bears an average of 5kg of organic chickpeas and chickpea flour per season.

What will you receive?

Each season we will send you a box with: 4 x __chickpeas__ (1kg paper bags) 2 x __chickpea flour__ (500g bags) The __chickpeas__ of the Pasha variety have an intense and slightly aromatic flavour, and are mainly used for cooking; the Sultano variety, on the other hand, produces smaller, more fragrant chickpeas and is grown for flour production. To make them easier to cook, our chickpeas need to be soaked for at least twelve hours. They are particularly well-suited for preparing soups, falafel and hummus. They retain their shape once cooked, do not flake, and treat the palate to a very rich and intense flavour. Meanwhile, __chickpea flour__ can be used to prepare a range of traditional Mediterranean dishes including socca, Sicilian panelle and Ligurian farinata. Once the bag has been opened, we advise that you keep them in a glass jar and in a cool, dry place. If you do this, the chickpeas can be kept in a good condition for at least two years, and the flour for about a year.

When will you receive it?

We will send the chickpeas along with our other products in autumn, once the entire process of harvesting and cleaning is finished.

Why should you adopt?
Know who, how and where your food is produced. Source your food in a conscious, direct and consistent manner.
Buying without intermediaries allows the producer to obtain better prices. This helps generate better jobs and social standards in rural areas.
When you adopt something, you allow the producer to ensure the sale at a fixed price and to produce on demand. This also avoids wasting food that is grown without being sold.
It supports producers who strive for environmentally friendly packaging and cultivation practices.
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