organic Shiitake from Die Edelpilzerei
organic Shiitake from Die Edelpilzerei
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1 box contains 1kg of organic mushrooms Shiitake
Variety: Shiitake
Cultivated according to the European Organic Farming Standards
The shiitake is a particularly delicate tasting gourmet mushroom with a fragrance slightly reminiscent of garlic and the taste quality umami
Cultivated and thrive on so called mushroom blocks
Shiitake can be stored at 2-7°C for about 8-10 days in the refrigerator
The fresh mushrooms are generally only produced upon order, freshly harvested and shipped cool and shock-protected (with a sustainable PAPERFLOCâ„¢ cooling bag)
Ideal as a side dish steamed in oil or butter for eggs, meat and poultry, but also refine sauces, ragouts and soups
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