Organic wholegrain pasta from Bio Milana

3.00 kg/box

Organic wholegrain pasta from Bio Milana
Buy directly from the farmer. Without intermediaries.
Limited & seasonal harvest.
The farmer does (yet) not ship to:  United States
Contents of the box: 1 box contains 3kg of organic wholegrain pasta
Variety: Russello and Cappelli wholegrain
1x Wholegrain Fusilli (0.5kg pack), 1x Wholegrain semolina Penne (0.5kg pack), 1x Wholegrain Busiata(0.5kg pack), 1x Wholegrain semolina Calamarata (0.5kg pack), 1x Wholegrain Spaghetti (0.5kg pack), 1x Wholegrain Corallini (0.5kg pack)
Packaging and storage: we package your pasta in recyclable polyethylene packs; the label is made of recycled paper
These different types of pasta can be stored for at least 1.5 years in a dry place without light
Organic farming certified by the European Organic Farming label since 1992
Pasta can be prepared in so many ways let your imagination run wild
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Daniela Milana
I am Daniela Milana, a young woman who, after various experiences, has continued to carry on the passion and farming tradition of the family handed down from generation to generation. My dad developed the trade of a new carrot in our town of Ispica when I was 6 years old. And since then I have followed in his footsteps in the fields. I'll tell you a little about my journey that led me to stay in my homeland, far from the comforts of the big cities, for a life that was more tiring but at the same time full of satisfaction and joy. After completing my university studies and graduating in foreign languages, I wanted to gain work experience abroad. I lived in Munich for five years, where I was able to mature and grow both on a human and professional level, learning new business strategies in the fruit and vegetable sector, from logistics to the importance of traceability and healthy, organic food. After five years abroad, I returned to Sicily, to my hometown of Ispica, where the longing to see my family again grew stronger and stronger, as did the curiosity to put all that I had learned into practice. I had the hope that al I had learned would finally benefit my own company. In recent years my brother and I have been running the farm; I take care of the commercial side and my brother is in charge of the agronomic side. We produce organic products in a sustainable way, as I had always dreamed, eliminating the plastic of greenhouses and pesticides that poison us so much, searching with commitment and passion for new native varieties to grow that are better adapted to our climate. We do this in the most natural and non-invasive way possible for the local fauna. We are also always trying to improve and find new ideas, such as the collaboration with CrowdFarming, which has allowed us to establish a direct relationship with the consumer by removing the chains that were blocking us. This new way of marketing is much more in tune with the needs of us farmers, so I am happy to be part of it.
Bio Milana
Our organic farm is the result of the experience of generations of farmers, breeders and exporters. In fact in the 60s, in our town pf Ispica (RG), my grandfather Salvatore Milana began to cultivate the new carrots. This is one of the most important products of the Mediterranean food tradition, and he helped to develop the trade all over Italy. Then came my father Giovanni Milana, heir to the tradition and soon to become specialist. He is the current owner of the company (of the same name), and with help from myself and my brothers Salvatore and Ignazio, he manages an area of over 350 hectares of organic crops, all in open field. The internal organisation and structure of our farm and business is similar to the Iblea "masseria": the houses, cultivation, processing, and marketing of the products all take place in the same location; the company headquarters. Attentive to the needs of the final consumer, driven by the evolution of the agricultural sector and projected by nature to the continuous improvement of the company, new facilities were built in 2000 for the packaging and storage of fresh fruit and vegetables. The products are grown according to strict organic criteria, using natural fertilisers, some of which come from our own farm. The organic criteria and compliance with the standards dictated by the Agro Q certification body, and therefore the authenticity of the products, are enhanced by the location of our farm in Ispica. It is situated at the end of south-eastern Sicily between two seas. We sit at the foot of the Hyblean plateau in an ideal climate and far from industrial settlements. We are a stone's throw from Cava d'Ispica, 30km from Ragusa and 56km from Siracusa, and we are happy to welcome visitors from all over Europe who wish to visit us. A leading organic farm since 1992 with 350 hectares of crops, a family of agricultural entrepreneurs located on the magical island Sicily. We use the method of 'copriculture' (green manure), which is an agronomic practice that allows us to maintain or even increase soil fertility by planting special crops such as legumes, cruciferous plants and grass in the soil. This system has improved the organic composition of the soil, which helps to slow down the erosion process and reduce drought because the humus in the soil retains water. The area surrounding our farm is rich in local fauna. Flamingos, fish and reptiles can be found around the Longarini nature reserve, while hawks, rabbits, owls, wolves, foxes, cattle, pigs, goats and sheep can be found inland towards Modica. We combat the presence of pests that can damage the soil by introducing ladybirds, bumblebees, honeybees and other insects that help the soil become richer and healthier. We also use organic manure to feed the soil. Furthermore, we promote the natural growth of nettle, which is considered a natural soil disinfectant, and borage, whose flowers attract bees and ladybirds. The water we use to irrigate our land comes from natural aquifers, and the irrigation systems scattered throughout the property are drip irrigation systems which are excellent to avoid wasting water. However, by constantly promoting the biodiversity of the environment through the introduction of specific plants and through green manure, the soil needs less irrigation as it is able to retain more water. We use the weeds to feed our animals, which are free to graze in the fields after the harvest. Also, the presence of beneficial insects is encouraged by allowing grasses and wildflowers to grow. We are also completing a photovoltaic system to save energy. On our farm we have 5 permanent workers plus seasonal workers, all hired with a regular employment contract. They all have an insurance policy for any accidents at work. If anyone asks to work in our company, they are always welcome. The excess production is used by the processing industry. Shrivelled vegetables are used to produce animal feed or stored in a site to be composted and produce organic fertiliser.
Technical information
Bio Milana, Ispica, IT
170 m
80 men and 50 women
Cultivation technique
Organic Farming
Drip irrigation
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