Refined Demeter organic cheese "Winter dreams" from Bauer Freigeist

1.20 kg/box

Refined Demeter organic cheese "Winter dreams" from Bauer Freigeist
Buy directly from the farmer. Without intermediaries.
Limited & seasonal harvest.
The farmer does (yet) not ship to:  United States
Contents of the box: 1 box contains 1.2kg of refined Demeter organic cheese "Winter dreams"
Race: Holstein, Jersey, Fleckvieh
1 x Demeter organic Brie refined with pepper (approx. 350g, packed in soft cheese paper): wonderfully tender and creamy and tastes delicious on its own, on bread or with a glass of wine
1 x Demeter organic Brie refined with walnut (approx. 350g, packed in soft cheese paper): wonderfully tender and creamy and tastes delicious on its own, on bread or with a glass of wine
1 x Demeter organic Feti al Pesto Rosso (approx. 250g, vacuum packed): Feta-style cheese refined in a Mediterranean way with intensive organic herbs; you can enjoy this somewhat stronger herder's cheese in a salad, with oven vegetables or in a pan/on the grill
1 x Demeter organic Kitchen Cheese Indian Manipur (approx. 250g, vacuum packed): intended for cooking; refined with Indian spices, it brings a touch of the Orient into your kitchen; It is an unripened, firm cheese, firm to the bite and slightly elastic
We are happy to include our favourite recipes in your package
Organic farming certified by the European Organic Farming label since 2016
Biodynamic farming certified by the Demeter label since 2021
Before eating, we recommend bringing it to room temperature so that the cheese can fully develop its aromas
You will find the best-before date on your cheese; in most cases, however, it will keep much longer if stored in the fridge - trust your sense of sight, smell and taste
The ingredient list as well as all potential allergen information can be downloaded from "Additional analyses"
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Additional analyses
Linda Becker
I am Linda Becker from the dairy Bauer Freigeist. I founded the dairy with my partner Tilmann Dreysse and my family and the dairy farm stand behind this project. Together we are working on our version of a valuable, sustainable and future-oriented agriculture with our exclusively organic way of farming. My way into organic farming and back to my home farm (family business) led through various stages. First, I completed a training as a tax clerk, and then a study of agriculture in Stuttgart at the University of Hohenheim. During a traineeship with the DLG, the German Agricultural Society, I broadened my horizons beyond my studies and then worked as a consultant for agricultural companies throughout Germany. After learning, seeing and getting to know so much, I joined our family business in 2015. My everyday life on the farm and in the cheese factory has become very valuable to me. The work presents us with new challenges every day and it never gets boring. My wish is to be able to pass on valuable food directly to appreciative consumers. CrowdFarming offers a suitable platform for this. It creates the direct link between farmer and consumer. We have to think of the whole "package", not just the cheese: "What are our natural resources and how can they be integrated into a supply chain in a sustainable way? We started with the label: it is made of stone paper and is free of foil. The cheese the CrowdFarmers receive is wrapped in parchment paper - just as your lunch package was packed in the past. Together with our 9 employees we continue to work ecologically, sustainably, environmentally friendly and in harmony with the nature of our animals and natural resources. We look forward to your support, CrowdFarmer! Surely there will always be points that can be further improved. If you don't find them any more - you have simply become blind to your own business...
Bauer Freigeist
Our farm and the cheese factory “Bauer Freigeist” are a regional family business in the heart of the Altmark in Saxony-Anhalt, situated in a landscape protection and drinking water protection area. Springs and watercourses run through our area and shape the landscape of the floodplains. Our organic farm Becker (my parents' farm) provides the milk for the dairy "Bauer Freigeist", which is what my partner Tilmann and I have christened it. Tilmann's family comes from Quedlinburg. His father is a sculptor by profession and his mother a painter/restorer. Tilmann's four sisters all have artistic and craft backgrounds. The name of the dairy kept us very busy. Many ideas and suggestions were also thought through constructively with his family. The perspective of the Dreysse family was important in choosing a name that not only represents the farm but also thinks beyond it. Our family looks back on 8 generations of agriculture. The original farm is located in the centre of the village Wiepke, where my grandparents and us live one next to the other. Grandma and grandpa also help with the daily work and put all their heart, soul and energy into it, despite their age. They also take care of chickens, ducks, pigeons, rabbits and all the animals you’’ll find running around here... But the main work in the cowshed and with the cheese is done by the two younger generations: My parents and us. 3 generations live, fight, love, work, create and manage together. In addition, ten permanent employees help us in the barn and four in the dairy. There is a lot to do in agriculture and in processing and food production. Especially during harvest time, we have working days that sometimes last longer. But our whole team has grown together so much in the past 30 years that we master every year anew. All colleagues in the team are like family members. That's how we treat each other. We have individual wage agreements for our team above the legal minimum wage and for the families we try to adapt the working hours to their needs as much as possible. Through CrowdFarming we have had the opportunity to create two new jobs in the structurally poor region of Altmark. Your adoption through CrowdFarming helps to bring about a positive trend in regions like ours. Everything moves in a circle. With us in a cycle. The cows not only give milk, but also a valuable fertilizer. But before spreading it on the fields, we sent it to the farm's own biogas plant where cattle manure is converted into methane and electricity is generated via a motor. Our mini biogas plant runs only with cattle manure, no crops have to be burned. Thanks to this we can fully cover our electricity demand and even supply 14 more households with bio electricity. The fermentation residues are then spread as valuable fertiliser on our land and the biological material cycle closes. On the other hand, our own milk is used for cheesemaking. Quality and origin are our top priorities. Our cheese products are something special, each cheese has passed through our hands several times and is manually checked. And much more: In many parts of Europe, cheese also forms a vital part of our culture. We produce typically German and also international varieties and our cheese not only appeals to young people, but also to older generations, feeling reminded of their childhood and the regional products. In each landscape, the natural conditions of the environment have led to the development of very different cheeses. Our small village of Wiepke (250 inhabitants) is an area full of many small streams, provinding the meadows and pastures with water and thus supplying the cattle with feed. Our cowshed is surrounded by our green pastures with grazing or resting cows. The water comes from a spring area...the elves’ springs - a magical place for every hiker. You’ll also find plenty of grassland, forest, flowering bee meadows and of course agricultural land. The nearest towns are the hanseatic towns Gardelegen, Salzwedel and Stendal. Our surroundings impress with a lot of nature and peace and smaller sights - such as the Romanesque Road - and simply invite you to linger and discover... New thoughts and concerns from our customers always move us. Thus, we see it as our responsibility to concern ourselves more with the topic of environmental and climate protection. In 2020, we established an afforestation on 1.5 ha that does not produce timber, but only flower clusters for insects (quasi an insect biotope). This is surrounded by pine forest and other forest crops. Directly next to our afforestation is a game grazing area of 2 ha for wild animals. Not only the roe deer and the badger feel at home there, but also the wolf comes by regularly. This is not a fairy tale - it is life! We can observe them with a wildlife camera and care for them on site. With every cheese package you receive from us, you support a piece of nature and biotope in our region. We invest a portion of the proceeds from each cheese package in such projects.
Technical information
Bauer Freigeist, Gardelegen, DE
4 women and 5 men
434 hectares
Cultivation technique
Organic farming
Flock size
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