goat cheese from la Aubagueta
goat cheese from la Aubagueta
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1 box contains 2.7kg of goat cheese
Variety: Murciano-Granadina
Organic goat cheese
2 x Queso tierno Coster (soft cheese) (0,5kg): White cheese without rind, soft texture and a touch of acidity. Maturing time: 5 days. Shelf life: 1,5 months.
2 x Queso semi curado Segarra (hard cheese) (0,5kg): Cheese with a thin, greyish rind, creamy texture and balanced taste. Maturing time: about 35-40 days. Shelf life: 2 months. After this time has passed the cheeses passes on to the next degree of ripeness.
1 x 0,7kg Queso curado Kalona (mature hard cheese): Cheese with thick grey-brown rind, firm texture and intensive taste. Maturing time: about 60-70 days. Shelf life: We recommend consuming within 3 months to maintain all of its organoleptic qualities.
Limited harvest. Home delivery included.
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Final price: 77.36€
(2.7 kg)
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