What the Field?! Episode 10: Auro Chocolate: The story of an ethical cocoa business

Chocolate might be a beloved indulgence but its production is an ethically questionable one. Kelly Go, co-founder and managing director of Auro Chocolate, is trying to change the status quo and has created a company that not only directly works with farmers, but also produces its products in the country it sources its cocoa from: The Philippines.

In this episode, she tells us about the challenges of working in the Philippines, what it is like being a young female founder (“I was told I would fail in a public forum”) and what Auro Chocolate is doing to make a difference.

We also learn about chocolate itself, myths and misconceptions and what truly makes it good.

  • Did you know that dark chocolate is not necessarily vegan?
  • Or that there is a huge variety of flavours within cocoa that influence how each chocolate tastes? 

Talking about made-up labels, taste buds and combining chocolate with dried fish, Kelly lets us catch a broad glimpse of her world.

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If you want to learn more about Kelly’s project, you can find it here.

Because we could only record this podcast in one language, we chose English in order to reach as many people as possible.