WTF?! Episode 9: Conversion to organic – with CrowdFarming farmers Tiphaine Quemener and Pedro Liñan & Maxime Durand

What does it take for a farmer to convert to organic? What are the main hurdles and why is it so hard sometimes? 

In this podcast episode we hear different perspectives:

We talk to our French vegetable farmer Tiphaine Quemener from Maison Quemener and our Spanish almond farmer Pedro Liñan from Doña Marina to learn about their personal experience with the conversion process and their motivations. And we also talk to Maxime Durand, co-founder of the French “conversion brand” BioDemain, about why he founded his company and what knowledge he has gained. 

By using less pesticides you have a big impact on the capacity of your soil to absorb carbon. A farm in organic will absorb a lot more carbon (…) It has a really big impact on climate change.

Maxime Durand, co-founder of BioDemain

You can learn more about conversion here.

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Because we could only record this podcast in one language, we chose English in order to reach as many people as possible.