What The Field?! Episode 5 – The digitalization of agriculture

We talk to Leandro Sabignoso, CEO and founder of Auravant, about what benefits the digitalization of the agricultural sector brings. From the use of satellite imagery to robots in the fields, Leandro gives us a glimpse of what modern agriculture could look like.

  • Can the digitalization of agriculture help fight climate change?
  • What are the tools that can help farmers improve their resource management? 
  • How can a better harvest be related to a software?
  • What is precision agriculture and what does it have to do with transitioning to organic?
  • How can we increase production while lowering (negative) impact?

Tech enthusiast or not, be prepared to be drawn into a world full of possibilities that might fascinate you more than you think! (It might also – very slightly – freak you out) 

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Because we could only record this podcast in one language, we chose English in order to reach as many people as possible.