What The Field?! Episode 1: In the beginning there were oranges

We grill the co-founders of CrowdFarming, Juliette Simonin and Gonzalo Urculo, on how they became start-up founders and their path to where they are today.

  • How did everything start?
  • Did mom and dad help?
  • Is CrowdFarming inclusive enough?
  • What kind of metrics make an impact?
  • Does having investors mean selling your soul to the dark side?

We dare you to find company directors that bare it all so publicly!

The founders let us pick their brains to our hearts’ content, from Gonzalo’s trajectory from being a youngster working in logistics to running a farm and becoming a start-up founder, to the power of differences within a team – or “when Mr. Chaos meets Mrs. Protocol”.

You can download this first episode of our podcast in audio format on all of the usual streaming platforms (Spotify, ApplePodcasts, you name it) or here.

Because we could only record this podcast in one language, we chose English in order to reach as many people as possible.