Sheep in a field

The wool of our sheep

Thank you for supporting the Laines Paysannes project by adopting a sheep! 

We are happy that once again, we are able to promote the wool from our farm and to design our shawls with the help of Texidors, a cooperative for the social integration of people with disabilities. Transforming our wool within a radius of 350 km into handmade shawls is a source of real satisfaction for us. 

Here is some news from the farm:

Sheep in a field

The sheep are in great shape. Outdoors all year round, they are currently enjoying the fresh spring grass. We look forward to the rain, as grass is their main source of food. 

A sheep and a lamb lying on the straw

Some ewes have given birth to lambs in March (this is lambing). It is a central period in the life of the farm and especially intense for us, because the births take place in the open air. The hardy ewes do perfectly well giving birth on their own, and the freshly born lambs are able to follow their mothers through the meadows and woods of the farm. Nevertheless we must remain vigilant to identify fragile animals. We regularly return mothers and their young to the barn. It’s wonderful to see these little ones frolic, gain confidence, jumping everywhere … 

At the beginning of April we organized the shearing site, with the aim of shearing 900 ewes in 3 days. Intense days for the team of shearers and sorters, which took place in a vibrant atmosphere. We collected 750 kg of beautiful wool ready to be washed and spun near our home. We are happy to note that the wool of our herd is increasingly long and dense, the result of a long selection process. 

Two people shearing sheep

The shearing this year was the opportunity to test our new installation made during the first confinement last year. We are constantly improving the conditions of shearing and wool collecting. We chose to reproduce the New Zealand model where the ewes are contained in a box, then sheared on a wooden floor before returning to the field. This wooden structure makes it possible not to soil the wool. It also facilitates the recovery of wool for sorting. 

A throw made of sheep's wool

Our wool, once spun into thread, will be used to create your future shawls to keep you warm next winter. We cannot wait to see the results. 

It is our privilege to renew your adoption and send you a shawl at the end of the year with the wool of your sheep. Do not hesitate to share it with those around you. Have a lovely day everybod

Good day to all!

Note: You can renew your adoption by logging into your user account to receive the product next season.