Illustration of a woman with a magnifying glass and an orange

Impact and Sustainability Report 2020

When we pioneered the CrowdFarming idea as young farmers ourselves, we dreamed of radically transforming the relationship between producers and consumers. We wanted to make it more direct, more transparent, and more efficient. We developed, tested and implemented this model at our own family orchard.

As Farmers, we have seen the benefits of direct-sale: we went from a loss-making farm with only 2 employees and on the verge of being abandoned, to a farm full of life that employs over 40 people. 

Economically, the direct-sale to end-consumers empowers Farmers by allowing them to have more control over the sale of their products. However, and put in simple words, we feel it is unfair the economic angle prevails over social and environmental issues.

This is why we have decided to start quantifying the impact CrowdFarming generates beyond a number that accountants like to call “profit”. We firmly believe that social and environmental matters must be considered to fully account for the good a company generates in society. We reject the idea that one’s contribution can only be measured in pure economic terms.

Our very first Impact & Transparency Report is not intended to highlight our achievements thus far, but the importance of the global problems we are facing. On the positive, we can solve many of these issues if we act now together: buying food directly from farmers is the most powerful everyday act available to anyone to create a positive social and environmental impact.

Illustration of a woman with a magnifying glass and an orange