Your Farmer’s voice: NectarPerty

That’s it, the olive harvest is behind us! In Buis-les-Baronnies, it takes place in winter, since we are located in the north of the region where olive trees grow, all around the Mediterranean Sea. In September, when Greek, Italian or Spanish olives are ready to be harvested, ours are not yet ripe.

We started in November during sunny days, avoiding rainy days until we finished in January, standing in the snow.

The frost is rather favorable, as it softens the natural bitterness of the olives. Their taste is otherwise far too astringent to eat them directly from the tree. The olives that will be used in the production of your tapenade and olive paste are therefore currently soaking in brine, in large barrels. We just need to be patient…

It has been a fantastic season: luckily, our region was spared by the olive fly last year; the trees you adopted produced a lot, and their fruits were bigger than usual. Last fall, we planted young trees in a part of the field which had so far been overgrown by bushes.

We started in November, took advantage of sunny days and avoided rainy days, and finished in January when there was snow.

Rest assured that we are taking good care of your trees. For example, when we burn wood to heat our house, we collect the ash and lay it at the base of the olive trees. This provides them with a supply of potash. Soon we will start the annual pruning. 

We count on your support in this new cycle,

Mariane Heberlein

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