Illustration of the orange growing process

Why are our oranges different?

When we talk about oranges, even though they bear the same name, no two are alike. The differences are not just in the taste, but also in how they have been grown, under which salary conditions or which natural resources have been used. If we stop to think and analyse a foodstuff beyond the price, we’ll realise that it may be cheap on an economical level but very costly on an environmental or social level.

Illustration of the orange growing process with Maria Luisa

What you buy, who you buy it from and the price you pay all have direct and indirect impacts on society and the environment. Our responsibility as consumers creates much more impact than any political measure.

We propose a new way of buying your oranges, as if you were going to pick them directly at the farm where they’re produced (with the difference that we send them directly to your home).

I'm a “farmeneur” working for farmers in CrowdFarming and as a farmer in Naranjas del Carmen. I enjoy reading and writing about logistics and discussing its impact on food supply chain.