The farmer Gonzalo Úrculo in a field of orange trees and a letter to the British Prime Minister

Oranges for Downing Street

The Prime Minister
Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson
10 Downing Street
SW1A 2AB London 
United Kingdon

Dear Prime Minister,

My name is Gonzalo Úrculo (34), and I’m a Spanish farmer. At our farm, we cultivate organic oranges that we deliver directly to final consumers all across Europe. 

Our farming model is somewhat unique because we cultivate on demand to avoid overproduction of clementines and oranges. How? Consumers adopt one of the trees from our fields, give it a name, and receive on exchange their harvest at home. We call this project “CrowdFarming”.

During the past year, a growing number of people living in your country have discovered this new way of buying directly from the farmer, and have decided to adopt a tree. Maybe, to keep it as a European souvenir. 

People ordering from the UK keep asking us what is going to happen with their tree after Brexit. I answer them that their tree will continue growing after Brexit, because nature knows no borders. Unfortunately, I cannot tell them that their harvest will reach their homes as smoothly as it always has due to increased shipping costs and border checks. These checks will kill the farmer-to-consumer direct sale. We will have to go back to selling our oranges to intermediaries that can afford paying extra border duties thanks to their higher volumes. Can you help?  

Yours sincerely,

Gonzalo Úrculo

PS: please enjoy the last oranges we can still send you without any paperwork!

I'm a “farmeneur” working for farmers in CrowdFarming and as a farmer in Naranjas del Carmen. I enjoy reading and writing about logistics and discussing its impact on food supply chain.