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Your Farmer’s Voice: Soto del Marqués

Dear CrowdFarmers,

In Spain, we say that it never rains to everyone’s liking, but this year we have been benefited from the winter and early spring rainfalls. Thanks to these rains we have had a very good rapeseed, wheat, and oat harvest campaign which has allowed us to be more self-sufficient to feed our animals.

On the other hand, not a drop has fallen since, essentially, spring and as you can see in the pictures the countryside is dry. We depend on future rains because if it does not rain, we will not be able to sow rapeseed and we will only sow barley, wheat, and oat.

A dry field with trees in the background
A dry field with a blue sky

We are very happy because about 10 days ago we finished the third season of birth of the year, and every lamb has grown up very well. The lambs you can see in the pictures are the sons/daughters of the sheep that with one and a half years old were the first time they gave birth. Those lambs will be future mothers on the farm. In early November we will have the last birth period of the year.

Ewes and lambs on the farm

As you know, in Spain, we have been confined for more than three months but we are going to our farm every day since animals do not understand the state of alarm nor confinement.  Although Covid-19 has not affected us in a personal way, we have been affected indirectly because the market was out of stock which led to the fluctuation of prices. This situation made us appreciate more the on-demand production we carry out at Crowdfarming with the adoptions.

But apart from these contingencies, we could say we are lucky due to the fact that we keep working with all the employees and we were able to invest in new machinery for the farm such as changing an old tractor. Also, we have renewed the feeding place in case the herd continues growing so that they have a much more comfortable space.

Farmer Antonio and his green tractor

We are truly happy with the results of our cheeses seeing that aging has gone very well, and we have not had any problem. We are willing to send our cheese without plastic wrapping; therefore, we are studying the option to vary the shipping format so that we change the cheese wedges to small complete pieces. For now, we have not found the most efficient way to do it, but we are doing research on how to get rid of the plastic at some point.

Remember that you should keep the cheeses well refrigerated. Try, if it is being opened for the first time, to take it out from the refrigerator and open the vacuumed package for minimum of 20 minutes before you want to eat it, to make the flavor and the aroma flourish. If you feel that the cheese has lost the vacuum, consume it with priority to avoid mold. In case this happened, you must only take it away by scraping it smoothly and you can perfectly eat it. Consider it is a natural product without any type of antibiotic and food preservative.

The ewes in the field feeding on the grass

I am in love with my cheeses and sheep and I hope you enjoy the cheeses since you are very important to me and I work every day for you.

Thank you very much for your trust and I am at your disposal for anything you need.

With an affectionate hug to all.


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