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Your Farmer’s voice: La Alquería

How was the elaboration of the oil?

The production of this year has been carried out normally, we monitor the maturity indexes and the fat content on dry before harvesting to establish the starting date, this was established for the first week of October.

The temperature was high for a quality production, which forced us to turn on the mass refrigeration equipment, in this way we managed to keep all the aromas and flavors originally, as well as the content of phenols, that has been the most relevant aspect of this campaign, because when it comes to pests and diseases impact, our control system by monitoring and mass trapping has worked perfectly.

This year we are especially proud of the blanqueta variety, the aromatic intensity, the harmony of its aromas and intensities has been exceptional, this has been possible thanks to the increased pulp / bone ratio, which has facilitated us to increase the organoleptic quality of this EVOO.

Olives hanging from a tree

What work have we done on the farm recently?

The tasks carried out since the beginning of the campaign have been several, the first was to carry out a copper-based treatment, in order to preserve the olive tree from the appearance of any disease caused by a fungus, at the same time we carry out an application of fertilizer rich in potassium in order to replace the extractions of this nutrient by the harvest, in addition to strengthening the vital organs of the olive tree facing the winter.

Subsequently and once the new year had entered, at the end of January we returned to carry out another treatment with copper, given that in some of our olive groves the first symptoms of the presence of this disease appeared, all this caused by weather conditions, we also carried out a regular fertilizer procedure, and a NPK of organic origin in the form of pellets.

Already in the month of March we started the pruning of the olive grove, a very important task and to which we dedicate a large part of the total workforce invested in the olive grove, at the moment we are finalizing it and we are already preparing the treatment for the beginning of spring, in the one that we will return to control the presence of repilo disease and we will apply a foliar fertilizer to prepare the sprouting and the flowering of the olive trees.

Have you made any changes in the exploitation?

All our farms are constantly changing and adapting to the conservation of the environment, we have been gradually reduce water consumption, even in some plants we no longer irrigate, which facilitates the increase in the polyphenol content of our oils, a healthy aspect to keep in mind.

How was the preparation of the boxes for the first time?

The preparation of the boxes has been the most complex, since everything was new for us, the identification of the shipping addresses, the placement on the pallets so that they would be perfectly identified and strapped enough so that they would arrive intact at destination, otherwise everything has been a matter of time and as soon as we prepared a couple of pallets everything was much more fluid, in the end we even took a liking and so on…

What extra recommendations can you give about the use of the oil?

Our olive juices, like all extra virgin olive oils are the best fats for any use, in our case having three perfectly differentiated varieties we can expand the uses, specifically the picual variety is a variety of great stability so its use in frying, roasting and in any culinary use in which the heat intervenes, it adapts perfectly, the same happens to the alfafarenca variety, different case is the Blanqueta variety, much more advisable for the preparation of sauces, mayonnaise, and its consumption together with dairy desserts and pastries, but in general, as it is extra virgin olive oil, its use is to the taste of the consumer, both raw and cooking.

An oil producer filling a glass with extra virgin olive oil

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